Jeff Albert (featuring Ben Lamar Gay, Matt Lux, & Quin Kirchner) – “Live at The Hungry Brain” (Breakfast for Dinner, 2018)

“Live at The Hungry Brain” is a new release of ” Breakfast for Dinner” records. Album was recorded by Jeff Albert (trombone), Ben Lamar Gay (cornet), Matt Lux (fender bass VI) and Quin Kirchner (drums). Musicians like eclectic and contrasting combinations, fusions of absolutely different music styles, bright and expressive decisions, luminous, suggestive and innovative instrumentation and specific musical experiments. The music is simply gorgeous, surprising, dynamic and bright – it’s totally based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz elements. Musicians bring and twist together sparkling, colorful and bright musical language elements – all of them are highly different from each other and help musicians to create interesting and original musical pattern. Musicians are famous at contemporary avant-garde and experimental jazz scene. Their music is inspiring, passionate, expressive and free. They also are collaborating all the time with other creative and great jazz masters, concerting in various countries. Because of innovative and dynamic improvising, unique sound, gorgeous and bright playing manner, musicians have their own, original and passionate style of improvising.

“Live at The Hungry Brain” is a marvelous, natural and organic synthesis between avant-garde, experimental and modern jazz styles. The music has dynamic and variable sound- from the silent, subtle and relaxing solos is suddenly goes straight to roaring, active, violent, turbulent and passionate improvisations. The music is based on expressive and rich musical language – all kinds of various music styles, rhythms, scales, unusual timbres and many other elements are genuinely brought together in one place. The compositions are like free and adventurous field, fulfilled with extravagant musical decisions, spontaneous and rigorous solos, bright and luminous improvisations and fascinating sound experiments. Musicians are exploring new fields and possibilities of production of interesting playing techniques, specific timbres and strange noises. Together they are fusing together dozens of colorful, outrageous or simply weird timbres, sounds, playing techniques or eclectic stylistic combinations. The music is based on free jazz and experimental jazz basements, but also has a relation with other jazz styles – aggressive, moving and sharp solos of bebop, post bop and neo bop, roaring and turbulent free improvisation, soft, relaxing and dynamic sound of contemporary jazz, simple quadratic structure of progressive and traditional jazz make a synthesis with bright, passionate and harsh modern and tradivitional jazz styles. Trumpet melodies are filled with bright, clear, loud, luminous and active sound. Ben Lamar Gay is trying out many different types of extended playing techniques, innovative and experimental decisions of instrumentation, rich, gorgeous and splendid musical pattern and ornamented background. Dizzy, blowing and touching solos, sparkling and remarkable melodies are put against the relaxing, romantic, simple and light improvisations, vivacious and attractive solos or charming passages. All these elements are gently fused together in one place. Trumpeter is improvising inspiringly and passionately – it makes an interesitng, vivacious and moving sound. Jeff Albert trombone melodies make the opposite against the trumpet. Vibrant, electric, bright, loud, solid, heavy and slow solos make an effective duo with flowing, gorgeous, virtuosic and passionate trumpet’s solos. Deep, solemn and independent bass line and solid armonic pattern also is firmly kept through all the compositions, Both musicians are improvising marvelously – they fuse together unpredictable, variable, bright, violent, harsh and passionate improvisations in one place. Vivacious, light, bright and energetic melodies flow along with luminous, terrific and roaring blow outs, slow and romantic solos, deep and firm bass line and tremendous free improvisations. Matt Lux’s fender bass VI creates a huge and exceptional variety of strange timbres, outrageous sounds and original noises. Musician is improvising spontaneously and brightly – his improvising is passionate, inspiring and fullfilled with evocative musical decisions, subtle and dynamic playing manner and dozens of different playing techniques and expressions. Quin Kirchner’s drums section – extremely light, moving, rapid and energetic. Roaring and furiously fats drum rolls, virtuosic passages, colorful glissando, expressive arpeggio and many different playing techniques and expressions make the main base of solid, independent and contrasting rhythmic section. All musicians pass through wide range of emotions, senses, forms, shapes, colorful and playing techniques. Silent, light, gentle and vivacious melodies fine go along with passionate and expressive melodies, remarkable, vivacious, free and bright improvisations, sorrowful and sad episodes, lyrical, romantic and stable pieces and many other different playing techniques. All these elements make an effort to the passionate  and exceptional sound of this album.

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