TORU – “TORU Volume 1 featuring Sam Day Harmet” (2018)

“TORU Volume 1 featuring Sam Day Harmet” was recently released on September 14, 2018. Album was recorded by “TORU” and clarinetist, mandolinist and improviser Sam Day Harmet. “TORU” is an avant-garde jazz trio formed by Sam Eastmond (trumpet, compositions), Celeste Cantor-Stephens (trumpet) and Andy Watts (trumpet). The music by three trumpeters is bright, expressive, loud and filled with vibrant, emotional and remarkable solos. Improvisers are individual, original and passionate players, which have unique sound and rich musical language. The music is based on tremendous and fascinating musical experiments, search and production of unusual and strange timbres, basics of avant-garde jazz and the newest tendencies of experimental jazz and free improvisation. Musicians are making fresh, innovative, creative and extraordinary musical decisions – they are expressing wide range of different moods, expressions, characters and emotions. Their music is based on sudden, spontaneous and contrasting solos, colorful and unpredictable stylistic turns and bright, remarkable and vivacious sound.

“TORU Volume 1 featuring Sam Day Harmet” is filled with evocative, tremendous, original and effective sound. The compositions are totally based on free improvisation, main elements of avant-garde and experimental jazz, spontaneous, thrilling, brave and noisy solos, roaring and turbulent blow outs and aggressive, sharp, luminous and energetic sound. All these elements gently mixed and illustrated by huge range of gorgeous timbres, unusual and strange sounds, and unknown noises. The music is played with expression and passion – all four jazz masters have evocative, hot, cordial and emotional playing manner. Musicians are experimenting in all cases and sections of musical language. Innovative and brave instrumentation decisions, experimental and specific expressions, eclectic fusions of styles, timbres, sounds, chords and other elements, sharp, modern and bright harmony section, dynamic and tremendous rhythmic – these and other sections of musical language are the main fields of musical experiments. Musicians fuse together concepts, contrasts and the main exceptional elements of their playing styles. Each of them makes an effort to reveal the most effective, remarkable and exceptional elements of their playing style, get out from the comfort zone and give a new color to usual and traditional sound. Organic and polyphonic form, open and abstract structure, free improvisation, creative and artsy fusion of conceptual and colorful musical expressions, innovative playing techniques, playing manners and other elements of musical language – all these elements are mixed together with huge range of abbreviations, ornaments and other coloristic elements. Three trumpets give a remarkable, inventive and emotional sound of the album. Extremely loud and vibrant solos, all kinds of rhythms, playing techniques, expressions and other elements, dizzy and furiously rapid passages, other virtuosic elements contain the main pattern of the compositions and are combined together with gentle, tight, joyful, peaceful, soft or relaxing solos. Each trumpeter has his own playing manner and sound. Their collective improvisations are the most effective and bright places of whole album – improvisers make an effective, dynamic, spontaneous and moody mix of emotions, roaring energy explosions, soft and silent pauses, repetitive and monotonic pieces or bright, aggressive, energetic and tremendous culminations. When one of them bursts out to the vibrant, extremely loud and powerful solos, other gets to silent and abstract searches of strange timbres, colorful and bright sounds and harsh noises. Polyphonic and remarkable musical pattern is created by combining together contrasting and luminous musical elements. Sharp rhythms, aggressive, strict, dizzy and furious solos, frenzy and frantic improvisations bring the main elements of bebop, post bop and other modern jazz styles. The mandolin and clarinet melodies give a main mood and color of the compositions – spontaneous, vivid, moving, attractive and light clarinet solos are filled with solemn, calm ,relaxing and bright solos, angry, aggressive and furious episodes, sudden abruptions or playful, gentle, vital and vivacious melodies of the clarinet. Mandolin melodies are based on certain rhythmic series, free improvisations, unusual timbres and wide scale of interesting timbres and exotic sounds. Inventive, artsy, creative, organic and bright synthesis of all conceptual and contrasting musical language elements makes an effort to colorful, remarkable, expressive and intensive sound of this album.

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