Ken Vandermark / Klaus Kugel / Mark Tokar – “No​-​Exit Corn” (Catalytic Sound, 2018)

“No​-​Exit Corn” is the newest release of “Catalytic Sound”. Album was recorded by Ken Vandermark (saxophone, clarinet), Klaus Kugel (drums) and Mark Tokar (bass). Three musicians are famous and innovative improvisers of contemporary avant-garde and experimental jazz scene. They have their own and original playing style, hot, attractive and expressive playing manner and unique sound. There are some main elements of their playing and improvising style, which are typically heard in each album and create effective, unique and evocative sound. Through the years of creative activity, the musicians had impressively and masterfully improved their own and specific playing techniques, own and experimental ways of playing and created fascinating and modern instrumentation of their improvisations. The collective improvisations are based on turbulent, bright and energetic solos, vivacious and expressive melodies, effective, vibrant and passionate duos or trios and other similar elements of musical langauge. Dozens of different playing techniques, manners, styles and expressions make an effort to expressive, remarkable and original sound.

“No​-​Exit Corn” has vibrant and bright sound, is filled with hot and astonishing solos, dizzy melodies, sharp, rigorous, aggressive and roaring blow outs and dramatic culminations. Musicians are improvising masterfully and expressively – their improvisations are played with passion, hot, attractive and astonishing playing manner and have unique, remarkable and bright sound. Rich, wide and expressive musical language formes bright, many-layed, many-colored and modern musical pattern and polyphonic facture. Abstract structure, open and free form, sharp, distinctive and colorful harmony, dynamic and variable rhythmic make an effort to bright, evocative and innovative sound and construct the main basic of the musical pattern. It’s also has gorgeous ornamentation – all kinds of virtuosic passages, dizzy and charming roulades, trembling and effective tremolos, glissando and various special effects and unusual timbres are used here. That’s how gorgeous, solid and firm ornamentation and backgorund is created. Ken Vandermark’s improvisations are filled with turbulent, terrific, powerful and rigorous blow outs, gentle and light excerpts, subtle and lyrical pieces, spontaneous and sudden changes and surprising turns to the other mood or style. His playing manner is very expressive, sharp, rigorous and dramatic. Improviser tries out many specific, his own created playing techniques, takes on adventurous musical decisions or experimental methods of instrumentation. He’s the master of fusing together wide range of styles, manners, sounds and timbres. Sometimes his improvisations have hot, sparkling, passionate and expressive sound, sometimes it gets to tremendous solos, rigorous, roaring and aggressive bursts of energy, dizzy, charming and extremely rapid passages or sorrowful, sad and depressive pieces. All kinds of moods are expressed and fused here. His music has effective, gorgeous and impressive sound. The most effective elements are roaring, terrific and extremely powerful blow outs or passionate, dynamic and suggestive duos with bass or drums – these episodes also makes an effort to main sound of the album. Mark Tokar bass melodies are based on wide range of timbres, sounds and manners. Musician as usual tries out new and innovative ways of playing, blends together many contrasting music styles, expressions and moods. By using his creativity and inventive improvising, musician masterfully dives through different moods and musical language elements – from the silent and subtle pieces, abstract and suggestive sound experiments, deep, dark and solid bass line to the bright, especially loud, frantic, terrific, francy and passionate solos. These improvisations always have sparkling and remarkable sound, it also makes an effort to whole musical pattern and sound of the album. Klaus Kugel drums section is based on free improvisation, abstract musical pattern and innovative experiments. The rhythms of modern and avant-garde jazz styles are inventively fused here. Sharp, attractive and rigorous solos, passionate and virtuosic passages, trembling and extremely loud fanfars, gorgeous timbres, provocative and eclectic combinations and turbulent, energetic and terrific culminations – all these elements contain solid, independent and firm rhythmic base. This album music is based on avant-garde jazz and experimental jazz. The main elements of these styles are combined together with bebop, hard bop, post bop, cool, progressive and other similar intonations of modern jazz styles. Marvelous and organic fusion of various styles, manners, expressions and sounds makes an effort to remarkable, bright, vivacious and energetic sound of this album.

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