Benjamin Vergara/Keefe Jackson/Jim Baker/Phil Sudderberg – “The Hallowed Plant” (Relative Pitch, 2018)

“The Hallowed Plant” is one of the newest releases of “Relative Pitch Records”, which will be released on 21, September. Album was recorded by four great jazz masters – Benjamin Vergara (trumpet), Keefe Jackson (tenor saxophone, sopranino saxophone, bass clarinet), Jim Baker (piano, synthesizer) and Phil Sudderberg (drums). The musicians are dedicated to create outsuanding, extraordinary and bright sound and get out of the traditional comfort zone of sound. Their improvisations are filled with roaring and extremely rapid solos, passionate and expressive melodies, original and specific ways of playing, bright, impressive and splendid musical decisions and innovative instrumentation. Each has original playing style, interesting, moody, dynamic and expressive playing manner and brilliant technique. Their music is based on avant-garde jazz basics – the newest tendencies of experimental jazz are connected together with the main elements and principes of 1960’s avant-garde jazz. Musicians are improvising together and create extraordinary, energetic, bright and evocative sound. Sometimes their improvisations are similar to subtle, relaxing and peaceful pieces of experimental music, sometimes it’s a rea; bursts of energy, full of impressive explosions and roaring blow outs.

“The Hallowed Plant” is filled with bright, expressive and original sound. Four musicians – four absolutely different and individual improvising styles filled with moody and sudden changes of senses, emotions and styles, eclectic instrumental combinations and evocative musical language. Musicians are creating interesting and many-layed musical pattern and polyphonic facture. Their melodies are based on individual musical decisions and highly contrasting with each other. Effective and remarkable melodies, interesting musical decisions, bright and original harmony, sharp and aggressive dissonances, dynamic rhythmic and gorgeous musical pattern – that’s the main base of elements, which contain the musical pattern. Musicians not hesitate to make brave and provocative musical decisions or take on adventurous and vigurous turns, moody and dynamic stylisitcv changes or extended playing techniques. The music is created spontaneously, brightly and with expression. Musicians are improvising cordially, dynamically, passionately and spontaneously – all kinds of different expressions, experimental and innovative ways of playing, dynamic and variable rhythms and fusion of contrasting styles are used here. All these elements are naturally and organically connected in one place. Reeds and brasses melodies bring bright, remarkable and marvelous sound and solid melodic section. Keefe Jackson saxophones and bass clarinet improvisations are gently contrasting with each other. The music is based on bright and original musical decisions, astonishing sound experiments and the search of unusual, strange and evocative timbres. Improviser has unique sound and specific playing manner – luminous, sparkling, bright and vibrant solos are illustrated with gorgeous timbres, spontaneous musical decisions, sudden and drastic changes of styles and moods, virtuosic, extremely rapid and expressive passages and other musical language elements. Bass clarinet creates a solid, independent and firm bass line – deep, slow, monotonic and static tunes form stable harmonic background and are highly contrasting with expressive, moving, touching and amazing solos of saxophones. Trumpet melodies by Benjamin Vergara are especially bright, loud and luminous. Passionate and expressive melodies, vivid, vibrant and intense blow outs, roaring, dizzy and moving solos, spontaneous turbulent improvisations, which are mixed together with abstract, calm and silent excerpts – marvelous synthesis of all musical language elements makes an effort to effective, remarkable and impressive sound. Pianist Jim Baker bring vivacious and interesting piano melodies, colorfully blended together with synthesizer sounds. Like other musician’s solos, piano improvisations are free and vibrant, based on inventive musical decisions, synthesis between bebop, post bop, other modern jazz styles and basics of avant-garde jazz. Pianist is the master of adventurous, impressive and innovative improvising. Sharp, harsh and colorful chords, abstract musical pattern, open form, dynamic, complicated and difficult rhythmic, turbulent solos, terrific and furiously fast passages, aggressive and harsh excerpts and many other elements of musical language are frequently heard here. All of it is mixed in the most organic and natural way. Melodies are illustrated by colorful, subtle and interesting sounds, timbres and noises by synthesizer. Drums section is rich, moving, abstract and bright. Phil Sudderberg music is totally based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz elements. Turbulent, tremendous and intense free improvisations are filled with moving solos, touching, effective and affectional melodies, expressive and vivacious tremolo, roaring drum rolls and huge variety of different timbres and unusual sounds. Music of this album has fascinating, bright and marvelous sound – it’s a brilliant result  created by innovative, interesting and original jazz masters.

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