Irene Aranda / Johannes Nastejo / Nuria Andorra – “Inner Core” (Relative Pitch, 2018)

Aranda, Irene / Johannes Nastejo / Nuria Andorra: Inner Core (Relative Pitch)

“Inner Core” is another one new release of “Relative Pitch” records. Album was recorded by three Spanish avant-garde jazz masters – Irene Aranda (piano), Johannes Nastejo (double bass) and Nuria Andorra (percussion). Innovative, nright, especially expressive and inventive improvising is the main and the most important element of the compositions, played by these musicians. All three jazz masters are active and famous members of Spanish and Europe experimental jazz scene – they are collaborating and improvising with various interesting and innovative jazz masters. Because of inventive musical decisions, brave experiments, effective special effects, colorful, modern and bright instrumentation and rich musical language, their music gets interesting, original and fresh sound. The musical experiments are the most important element of whole musical pattern. Musicians not hesitate to integrate shocking musical decisions, eclectic combinations and specific instrumentation methods in their music. That makes an effort to innovative, experimental and bright sound of their music.

“Inner Core” is formed by fascinating musical decisions, astonishing and unusual timbres and bright sound. The music is based on free improvisation, open and abstract form, huge range of different scales, chords, rhythms and other elements of musical language. Musicians masterfully integrate and join together conceptual, contrasting and absolutely different musical language elements in one musical pattern. All musical language elements are made by dozens of small pieces, which have original and independent musical pattern, form and facture. The music is totally based on sound experiments, the basics of avant-garde and experimental jazz styles and eclectic stylistic combinations with bright, provocative, progressive and dynamic modern and contemporary jazz intonations. The traditions of early avant-garde jazz and the newest experiments and tendencies of contemporary experimental jazz are gently joined together in one place. This album is the place, where different styles, forms, traditions and shapes are connected in the most subtle and effective way. Irene Aranda piano music is expressive and bright. Experienced and taleneted improviser searches for new and experimental ways of playing – that’s the reason why her music has especially rich, dynamic and passionate musical language. Sparkling solos, unusual timbres, harsh, sharp and aggressive noises, gentle and light chords, marvelous passages, turbulent, dramatic, tremendous and rigorous culminations or silent, calm and slow pieces – all these elements form the main part of musical pattern. Pianist plays with huge range of extended and innovative playing techniques, scales, expressions and rhythms. Her music is formed by impression, passion and expresses whole wide palette of senses, forms, colors and shapes. By using unsuual and specific ways of playing, improviser produces strange and evocative timbres, make eclectic stylistic combinations or extracts new sounds. All her improvisations are made spontaneously – music is dynamic, sparkling and twisted from many small pieces, which are contrasting with each other. Free improvisation, sound experiments, vibrant, dramatic and innovative sound, the synthesis between avant-garde and modern jazz styles, turbulent and free improvisations, special effects, and many other musical language elements make a strong effort to whole musical pattern and sound. Johannes Nastejo double bass has especially vibrant, powerful and effective sound. The improvisations are created in the spot, creatively and passionately. The base of these improvisations is formed by huge range of impressive, fascinating and bright musical experiments, evocative sounds, vibrant tunes and intensive mood. Improviser masterfully fuses together powerful, bright and evocative musical experiments, effective and specific timbres, extended and innovative playing techniques, sharp, harsh, tremendous and soft chords, monotonic and solid bass line and furious, wild and passionate explosions of energy. All these elements contain the main part of this bassist improvisations. It’s gently and organically fits together with piano and percussion and strongly effects whole sound of the album. Solis and bright rhythmic and percussion section is leaded by Nuria Andorra. It has rich, powerful, marvelous and bright sound. Wild fast and furious passages, gorgeous timbres, tremendous and bright solos, turbulent, dramatic and passionate solos, expressive, rapid, provocative and aggressive rhythmic forms – all these elements are getly connected together. The msuic of this album is based on original and evocative musical decisions, marvelous and passionate improvising – splendid synthesis of whole wide range of styles, forms, dynamics and other musical language elements makes a remarkable, pleasant, surprising and astonishing sound of this album.

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