Tomeka Reid / Kyoko Kitamura / Taylor Ho Bynum / Joe Morris – “Geometry of Caves” (Relative Pitch, 2018)

Reid, Tomeka / Kyoko Kitamura / Taylor Ho Bynum / Joe Morris: Geometry of Caves (Relative Pitch)

“Geometry of Caves” is the newest release of “Relative Pitch” records. Album was recorded by famous American avant-garde jazz masters – Tomeka Reid (cello), Kyoko Kitamura (voice), Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet, piccolo trumpet, bass trumpet) and Joe Morris (guitar). Collective improvisations by these four musicians are based on creative, spontaneous and bright musical decisions. Energetic, vibrant and intensive sound is created by using dozens of different playing techniques, expressions, rhythms and special effects. Musicians are innovative and talented contemporary avabt-garde and experimental jazz improvisers – their music is filled with inventive musical decisions, extended and weird playing techniques, fresh, fascinating and interesting musical experiments. Each of them not hsitate to make effective, provocative and extravagant musical decisions, produce weird and evocative sounds or make eclectic stylistic combinations. The new tendencies of experimental and avant-garde jazz are connected with free improvisation, main basics of modern, contemporary and other styles of jazz. That makes an effort to bright, expressive and remarkable sound.

“Geometry of Caves” demonstrates the most effective and bright basics of musicians playing and improvising styles and gives an opportunity to hear extravagant, vibrant and new sound. The musicians are experimenting in varius fields of musical language. New and fresh sounds, unusual timbres, bright and extended playing techniques, weird and experimental ways of playing, new composing techniques and expressive playing manners – all these elements are very important to whole musical pattern. The music is based on sound experiments, search of unusual and weird sounds and extraction of new timbres, styles, manners, moods and patterns. The music is based on free form, which is synthesized from various open forms. Provocative, sharp and dynamic rhythmic, colorful and rich harmony, variable and abstract structure, open and constantly changing musical pattern contain the basics of the improvisations musical language. The musical pattern has many different layers – each of them is based on individual musical language and makes an opposite to the other layers. The polyphony, polyrhythmy, dozens of different pitches, chords, playing techniques and expressions are frequently used at the same time. It’s gently and naturally blends together in one musical pattern – each musician masterfully fuses and put each element in suitable place. Huge variety of musical language elements, which are used silmunateously or at the same time, makes an effort to vibrant, bright, expressive and effective sound. The main reason of remarkable and astonishing sound lays in the original and extraordinary improvising of each jazz master. Kyoko Kitamura vocal is unique and interesting. Improviser masterfully varies between experimental, specific, her own and traditional voice playing techniques. She tries out huge and extended variety of different ways of playing – that effects huge production of unusual sounds and timbres. Improviser masterfully travels through different moods, techniques, expressions, styles and playing manners. Her improvisations are filled with vibrant solos, expressive and remarkable melodies, fascinating and remarkable musical experiments, effective, inventive and spontaneous musical decisions, subtle and silent episodes or dramatic, tremendous and turbulent culminations. Whole wide range of different colors and timbres is showed here – improviser demonstrates her rare, unique and interesting vocal. Overtones, sharp tunes, gentle and soft intonations, trembling and vibrant sounds, dramatic and harsh sounds, repetitive and monotonic noises – these is just a little part of huge range of different musical language elements, which improviser is using. Bright, rich and dynamic sound, extraordinary vocal makes an effort to whole sound of the album – it brings main color, mood and energetic, vibrant and remarkable tune. Toomeka Reid cello is dynamic and expressive. Improviser masterfully integrates together intensive and silent episodes, free improvisation, the main elements of bebop, hard bop, neo bop and other modern jazz styles, huge and extended variety of musical language elements. Soft and aggressive, sharp and gentle, remarkable and tremendous, very silent or extremely loud – improviser masterfully and spontaneously switches between contrasting episodes and melodies. She also pays high attention to sound experiments and extraction of new sounds – whole palette of new colors, tunes and timbres is heard here. The improvisations by Tomeka Reid gently fit together with all instruments, gives exceptional, remarkable, energetic, vibrant and expressive sound to whole album. Joe Morris guitar improvisations also filled with interesting and evocative musical decisions. Guitarist tries out new ways of playing, bright and vibrant expressions and eclectic combinations of music styles. His music is based on bordering dynamics, extended playing techniques, fascinating sound experiments, tremendous and bright solos and dramatic culminations. The basics of avant-garde jazz are fused together with various modern jazz styles, experimental jazz and some gentle intonations of rock music. That makes an effort to intensive, eclectic, gorgeous and dynamic sound. Taylor Ho Bynum reeds make whole musical pattern even more live and bright. Energetic, especially expressive, moving and attractive solos are the most effective episodes of his improvisations. Glamorous solos, remarkable, spontaneously created melodies, touching, charming and marvelous passages, thrilling and wild fast virtuosic elements, sharp and provocative harmony, turbulent and roaring bursts of energy – all these elements contain the main part of Taylor Ho Bynum improvisations. That’s certainly effects whole sound of the album – it’s gently goes along together with all instruments, makes a solid and firm effort to melodic section and colorfully illustrates whole musical pattern. The music of this album is impressive, bright, intensive and remarkable – it’s based on modern musical language, innovative musical decisions and touching improvising.

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