Tatakai Trio (Kuchen / Lindsjo / Strid) – “HappI” (Relative Pitch, 2018)

Tatakai Trio (Kuchen / Lindsjo / Strid): HappI (Relative Pitch)

“HappI” is a new release by “Relative Pitch” records. Album was recorded by “Tatakai Trio” – it’s Martin Kuchen (soprano saxophone, sopranino saxophone, snare), Raymond Strid (drums) and Anders Lindsjo (guitar). The improvisations by three famous and innovative improvisers are filled with roaring bursts of energy, spontaneous and surprising musical decisions, colorful and dynamic turns, unpredictable changes and astonishing sound experiments. All three musicians have original and creative playing manner and innovative improvising style. They are always prepared to make inventive musical decisions, shocking, bright and evocative sound experiments and special effects. Improvisers fuse together wide range of different music styles, manners, expressions, rhythms and other elements of musical language. The basics of avant-garde jazz, fascinating free improvisations, bright and original musical experiments, provocative and difficult modern jazz rhythms condensed together with abstract musical pattern or turbulent, dramatic and vibrant bursts of energy. All these elements form the main part of these three musicians collective improvisations.

“HappI” is filled with roaring and bright bursts of energy and wild free improvisations. The music is totally based on free structure, abstract and many-layed musical pattern, bright and original musical language, dozens of different expressions and special effects. All these elements make an effort to bright, fresh and evocative sound of whole compositions. The improvisations are based on free struture – the form is made by fusing together various open forms of avant-garde jazz, quadratic structures and other contemporary academical and improvisational music forms. The form is dynamic and variable – it’s changing all the time along with the musical pattern. The musicians are improvising impressive and passionate – their music is especially moving, attracting and expressive. Each of them are improvising differently frm the others – individual melodies are based on different and contrasting music elements, which are the opposites to each other. Huge variety of uncompairable and different musical language elements is organic and interesting – it’s marvelously and naturally connected together in one musical pattern. The melodic section is leaded by reeds. Martin Kuchen sopranino and soprano saxophones give a main tune and sound to whole album. The solos are filled with expressive, moving, bright and astonishing solos, sudden, dynamic and vivacious styistic turns, vibrant, roaring and wild blow outs, rapid and charming passages, unusual and experimental ways of playing and other similar elements of musical language. The improvisations by Martin Kuchen always have exceptional and interesting sound – his compositions are filled with unpredictable solos, bright and provocative musical decisions and sound experiments. Improviser virtuosically, precisely and creatively integrates together wide range of music styles, expressions, lays, playing techniques and other elements. That makes an effort to bright, natural and intensive sound. Martin Kuchen improvisations are like real bursts of energy – turbulent, expressive, vibrant and thrilling solos are the most beautiful, bright and passionate episodes of this album. The guitar improvisations also make a strong effort to whole sound. Anders Lindsjo fuses together free improvisation, avant-garde and experimental jazz, progressive, modern and contemporary jazz elements. These elements are colorfully illustrated with gentle and soft intonations of rock and avant-rock styles. Dark, progressive and bright solos, free improvisations, expressive, vivacious, spontaneous and wild episodes, eclectic combinations of provocative modern jazz rhythms, hard core, strong, solid and strict rhythms, fascinating and abstract musical experiments – all these elements are the main part of Anders Lindsjo improvisations. His music has energetic and active mood, which is gently integrated with soft, slow, abstract and many-layed musical pattern. Dozens of different playing techniques, expressions, colors, rhythms and chords are gently fused together. It makes a colorful, gorgeous, modern and bright musical pattern and background. Raymond Strid drums improvisations make the basic of the drum section, which is already colorfully illustrated by snare. Drummer explores new ways of playing, tries out new and unusual playing techniques and makes eclectic, provocative and interesting musical decisions. Roaring, bright, vibrant. intensive and passionate bursts of energy, thrilling and furious fast passages, expressive melodies, remarkable musical experiments and dramatic, turbulent and free improvisations…That’s just a little part of Raymond Strid improvisations – musician is the master of fusing together contrasting and absolutely different musical elements in organic and innovative way. The music of this album has energetic, impressive and innovative sound – it’s masterfully created and improvised by three great and outstanding jazz masters.


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