Denman Maroney, Leroy Jenkins & Rich O’Donnell – “Unknown Unknown (Live)” (SR, 2018)

Denman Maroney, Leroy Jenkins & Rich O'Donnell | Unknown Unknowns (Live)

“Unknown Unknown (Live)” was released on July. The album was recorded by a trio – it’s Denman Maroney (hyperpiano), Leroy Jenkins (violin) and Rich O’Donnell (drums, percussion). The trio improvisations were recorded on 2003 and 2005. Three great jazz improvisers had been playing masterfully, freely and creatively. Famous and talented avant-garde jazz violinist Leroy Jenkins had passed away in 2007. He was a remarkable, expressive and interesting improviser. Precise and virtuosic playing technique was gently and organically blended together with experimental ways of playing, sparkling and bright musical experiments and especially expressive and passionate improvising. Musician masterfully switched and travelled between different moods, sounds, characters and timbres. He had payed the highest attentnio to extraction of unusual sound, extraordinary and strange timbres and vibrant, intensive and original fusions of various jazz styles and musical expressions. Denman Maroney is a famous pianist. He calls himself a “hyperpianist” and plays his own created and improved instrument “hyperpiano”. His improvisations are bright and interesting, have passionate and bright sound. He’s famous ad leading pianist of experimental and avant-garde jazz scene. Through the long years of creative activity, Denman Maroney had improvised and collaborated with many famous, talented and creative avant-garde jazz masters. Rich O’Donnell is creative and innovative drummer. He masterfully combines together percussion, drums, special effects and electronics. Masterful synthesis between absolutely different music instruments, styles and types brings experimental, evocative and fresh sound. Improviser has unique sound, inventive and inspiring playing manner and style.

“Unknown Unknown (Live)” is  great opportunity to hear three remarkable, original, creative and inventive jazz masters. It’s masterfully recorded set of the compositions, which have vibrant, intense and effective sound. The compositions are based on free structure, abstract and bright musical pattern, original and passionate musical language and huge variety of styles, manners, expressions, rhythms and other elements of musical language. Three improvisers are playing touching and remarkable melodies. Their improvisations are filled with sparkling, hot and thrilling solos, extremely rapid and virtuosic passages, charming, passionate, dynamic, active and expressive melodies, unusual sounds and timbres. All these elements are fused together in one musical pattern. All music is based on emotion and improvising in the spot – the most part of solos are made spontaneously and freely. Musicians are playing with passion, expression and joy. Their solos are especially dynamic, filled with sudden changes and turns in all sections of musical language. Experimental ways of playing, traditional playing techniques give a huge variety of strange timbres and weird sounds – musicians are blending together wide palette of different sounds, noises, rhythms and colors. Interesting combination between free jazz, experimental music, academic avant-garde and some typical composing techniques of contemporary academical music are made here. Rhythmic and melodic series, puantilism, serialism, temporal harmony, repetitive episodes, special effects, synthetic noises of electronics and many other similar playing and composing techniques are gently combined together with free improvisation, moody, dynamic and spontaneous solos, bright and passionate melodies and innovative musical experiments. The musicians are experimenting in all sections of musical language – that especially feels and hears in instrumentation, harmony, melodic and rhythmic section. The instrumentation of these compositions is marvelous, effectively and brightly made. It’s based on natural and warm synthesis between different music styles, expressions and sounds. Hyperpiano improvisations are filled with bordering, dynamic and variable solos. Rapid and bright passages, loud, vibrant and intensive solos, colorful and modern harmony, dozens of special effects and experimental ways of playing, subtle and silent episodes which are fused together with tremendous, powerful and dramatic culminations – that’s just a part of all wide range of musical language elements, which are used in these compositions. Violin melodies are based on contasting musical matter – vivacious, joyful, playful and light solos gently meet with aggressive, sharp and dark melodies. Sharp, dissonance and colorful harmony, dynamic rhythmic, all kinds of extended and expressive playing techniques make the contrast between different musical language episodes even more brighter and vivid. The improvisations have solid melodic section and firm rhythmic base. It’s based on free and creative musical experiments, bright, vivacious and roaring solos, spontaneous improvisations luminuous and tremendous culminations, subtle and soft solos – all these elements contain the main part of drums improvisations. The music is played and improvised freely, with passion and expression. It has remarkable, modern and innovative sound.

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