Brandon Lopez|Gerald Cleaver|Andria Nicodemou|Matt Nelson – “The Industry of Entropy” (Relative Pitch, 2018)

“The Industry of Entropy” is the newest release of “Relative Pitch” records. Album was recorded by a quartet – it’s Brandon Lopez (double bass), Matt Nelson (tenor saxophone), Andria Nicodemou (vibraphone) and Gerald Cleaver (drums). All four musicians of the quartet have original and interesting sound, specific playing manner and improvising style. Musicians are always prepeared for fresh, sparkling and evocatie musical experiments. Their music is based on bright and innovative instrumentation, eclectic and strange combinations, sudden stylistic turns, provocative and strange musical decisions and other similar elements. Flowing and remarkable melodies, sparkling solos, bright, expressive and passionate melodies, filled with spontaneous and free solos – all these elements organically joins together and illustrate all musical pattern. Musicians have hot, provocative, aggressive and bright playing manner. Their music is totally based on avant-garde and experimental jazz, free improvisation and the intonations of bebop, post bop, progressive jazz and other similar modern jazz styles.

“The Industry of Entropy” has bright, dynamic and expressive sound. Compositions are based on open form, synthesized structure, rich and many-layed musical pattern and free improvisation. Musicians are basing their music on fascinating musical experiments, extractions of unusual timbres and extended playing techniques. Evocative, fresh, provocative, hot and thrilling improvising is the main and the most important matter of these compositions – it highly effects whole sound of the album and other aspects of musical language. The sound is especially bright, innovative and bright, filled with passionate solos, harsh, loud and powerful blow outs, astonishing musical experiments and exclusive instrumentation. It’s mostly effected by especially rich and innovatrive musical language. Musicians are trying out new ways of playing, they also are combining together different and contrasting playing techniques, expressions, moods and characters. Especially huge range of bordering dynamics, tempos, rhythms and scales are used here to create effective and innovative sound. The main reason, why this album is so effective, touching and expressive, is because of thrilling, colorful, warm, dynamic and marvelous improvising. Solid melodic section is strongly and effectively formed by brilliant tenor saxophone and double bass melodies. Matt Nelson (tenor saxophone) and Brandon Lopez (double bass) solos are especially emotional, bright and expressive. All kinds of different colors and sounds are expressed in saxophone melodies. These improvisations are based on especially bright, rich and colorful range of musical expressions, rhythms, scales and other elements of music language. From the silent, relaxing and peaceful pieces to the vibrant blow outs, energetic and harsh explosions, bursts of energy, expressive and dramatic melodies, passionate, furiously fast and virtuosic passages, specific and strange timbres and other elements – this music contains many different moods and characters. which are highly contrasting with each other. Matt Nelson has original playing manner and unqieu improvising style – he can masterfully fuse together totally uncompairable music elements, sounds, senses and expressions. His improvisations is the base of melodic section – it gives it brilliant, luminuous, bright and passionate sound. The double bass solos gently fit together with saxophone in all the cases. Rigorous and angry solos are switched together with aggressive and impulsive bursts of energy, vivacious, playful and gorgeous episodes, rapid and bright passages or other elements of musical language. Sensitive, turbulent and dramatic culminations are the opposite to the silent, monotonic and hard bass line and peaceful, slow and lyric solos. The rhythmic section is based on Andria Nicodemou (vibraphone0 and Gerald Clever (drums) solos. Two musicians make a marvelous synthesis between all kinds of rhythms, expressions and other elements of musical language. The rhythmic section is based on hot, impressive and sensitive playing manner, thrilling and turbulent solos, spontaneous musical decisions and innovative instrumentation. Just like tenor saxophone and double bass melodies, drums section is filled with expressive and sharp solos, rigorous and aggressive sound, vivacious and free improvisations and huge range of unusual playing techniques. Vibraphone melodies are used as a colouristic element for the most of the time. Gorgeous, soft, warm, unusual and interesting timbres are effecting whole musical pattern and create a gorgeous background. Innovative, charming and marvelous instrumentation ,impressive and thrilling improvising, remarkable and charming solos – all these elements make an effort to bright, expressive and vital sound of this album.

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