Rachel Musson / Olie Brice – “Tapering Arms Point Into The Wind” (Weekertoft, 2018)

“Tapering Arms Point Into The Wind” was released this month by “Weekertoft”. Album was recorded by Rachel Musson (tenor saxophone) and Olie Brice (double bass). There’s not necessary to introduce any of these musicians – both of them are active, talented and creative members of contemporary, experimental and modern jazz scene. Each of them has dynamic, interesting and original playing style. Rachel Musson likes to take on extravagant and provocative musical decisons and make fascinating musical experiments. Her playing style is based on expressive and eemotional playing manner, contrasting and dynamical stylistic changes, innovative instrumentation and bright musical language. Olie Brice improvisations are filled with many different episodes, which are highly contrasting with the others. Dozens of different ways of playing, expressions, moods and sounds are mixed together in one musical pattern. Improviser has the ability to do it in effective, organic and creative way. The improvisations by both musicians are based on avant-garde and experimental jazz, it also have some relations with modern jazz styles. The compositions have remarkable, energetic, expressive and vivid sound.

“Tapering Arms Point Into The Wind” compositions are based on interesting and innovative musical decisions, modern and experimental instrumentation, huge amount of unusual sounds and bright solos. All these elements make an effort to strong, solid and independent melodic and rhythmic sections. Music has rich and modern musical language, which is constructed by many layers. Contrasting and especially colorful musical pattern is created. Different kinds of expressions, musical expressions, modern and experimental ways of playing are used here. Both musicians are experimenting and searching for new ways of improvising – they like to take on risky and adventurous musical decisions, strange and specific playing ways or frantic, harsh, energetic and extremely loud solos. That gives an impression of unpredictable, dynamic and vivid playing manner, which is the most effecting remarkable and impressive sound of this album. Both impovisers are playing free, passionately and expressively. Frantic, harsh, turbulent and bright solos are twisted with silent and relaxing pieces, sudden abruptions, vivid, playful and light improvisayions or subtle and abstract excerpts. Saxophone improvisations are based on impressive, sensitive and expressive playing. This is the place, there meets together contrasting and eclectic musical language elements and sounds. Compositions are filled with bright, expressive and remarkable solos, eclusive, luminous, light and energetic improvisations, vibrant, harsh, shrieky and roaring blow outs, splendid and impressive riffs – all these elements are contrastingly and naturally illustrated by strange timbres, weird noises, innovative playing ways and abstract, silent and relaxing pieces. Double bass is dynamic and bright – abstract and free musical pattern, open form are filled with various kinds of rhythms, monotonic and repetitive tunes, deeo and dark sounds and extended variety of chords and other expressions. Deep and dark tunes are repeated without pauses in some episodes – it forms bright, independent and solid bass line. These episodes aren’t the main basic of bass improvisations – there are many effective and bright solos, which are the opposite to recently written pieces. Marvelous, frantic, harsh, wild and expressive passages, rapid and active mood, aggressive and sharp sound, fast tempo and expressive playing manner – these are the elements, which contain the most effective and gorgeous episodes of bass improvisations. Silent and abstract places of the album have specific and gorgeous sound, but it’s certainly not the most beautiful and effective places of whole album. Turbulent, bright, loud and harsh collective improvisations is the place, there both musicians are showing the maximum of their creativity and talent of inventive and expressive improvising. Independent melodies, bright and rich musical facture, vibrant, intensive, effective and passionate sound is made by remarkable, impressive and glamorous solos. Emotional, expressive and warm conversations between saxophone and double bass are the most beautiful episodes of whole album. It has exceptionally huge stylistic variety, marvelous and impressive instrumentation and evocative musical language. The music of this album has remarkable, bright, intensive and original sound – it as creatively made by two innovative and original improvisers.

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