Airs De Moyenne Montagne – “La Soustraction des Fleurs” (Umlaut Records, 2018)

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“La Soustraction des Fleurs” was recently released by “Umlaut Records”. Interesting, remarkable and expressive album was recorded by trio “Airs de Moyenne Montagne”. This trio is formed by three creative and talented musicians – Jean-François Vrod (violin, voice), Frédéric Aurier (violin, voice) and Sylvain Lemêtre (zarb, voice). The music is based on rich variety of various jazz styles, free improvisation and Arrabean music elements. Musicians always are searching for new and evocative musical decisions – they are trying out new ways of playing, colorful and specific musical expressions, drastic stylistic changes and other similar elements of musical language. Their music always is based on vivid, bright and expressive sound. Bright and amotional melodies are based on free improvisations and have especially sensible, rich and fresh background. The melodic intonations of Arrabean and Asian music are mixed together with Persian ethnical music elements. Musicians also are talented and virtuosic singers – their vocal improvisations are filled with specific playing techniques, innovative musical experiments, effective and vibrant solos and huge variety of unusual timbres. Organic synthesis of all these musical language elements, which were already mentioned, creates bright, original and splendid sound.

“La Soustraction des Fleurs” is based on all the main elements which represent the most specific and unique sound of this trio. Free collective improvisations, spontaneous solos, fascinating musical experiments, bright, moving, touching and expressive melodies, memorable and attractive pieces – all these elements are heard in the most part of this album compositions. Each musician is improvising differently from the others – their melodies have unique sound, specific and interesting playing manner, style and vivid musical language. Rich and polyphonic musical pattern is created by using dozens of different playing techniques and expressions. The main elements of Western Europe music are joined together with music of Asian and Arrabean cultures. That makes an effort to effective and inspiring sound. Polyphony, quadratic structure, traditional rhythmic forms, the elements of dances and usual forms of classical music are fused together with traditional elements of ethnic Asian, Arrabean and various Europe countries music. The melodic intonations of tzigan dances and other traditional pieces also are gently integrated together in one musical pattern. It’s only used in mild and soft way – exotic and specific intonations are masterfully connected together with strict form, monotonic rhythmic and sharp harmony of Western Europe music, free improvisation, microtonal music, basic melodic, rhythmic and harmonic intonations of Arrabean, tzigan and various Asian countries music. This rich, wide and especially colorful synthesis brings to the compositions unique, effective, exotic and marvelous sound. The musicians are improvising especially expressively and sensibly – their music is filled with sudden and provocative changes of styles, characters and moods. Musicians are masterfully getting through various moods and senses , which are highly contrasting with each other. Two violins melodies are especially colorful and based on difficult and colorful musical pattern. Marvelous, touching and charming solos, emotional and remarkable melodies, rapid and active mood, terrific, harsh and dramatic culminations, spontaneous, turbulent and intensive improvisations, astonishing sound experiments and many other elements contain the main basement of violins music. The conversations of violins are the most beautiful and effective episodes – both musicians are demonstrating their talent, using inventive and shocking musical decisions and taking on fresh, risky and adventurous musical experiments. That gives us original, rich and colorful musical pattern which is full of many different lays. The rhythms of zarb bring strong relation with Arrabean music. The main intonations of traditional Arrabean, Asian and tzigan music are used and masterfully connected together. That creates natural, exotic and eclectic combinations with Western Europe music, avant-garde jazz, world music, experimental music and free improvisation. All three musicians also are using vocal melodies. It’s gently fits together with all instruments. Voice improvisations are filled with inspiring solos, bright and impressive melodies, spontaneous improvisations and effective instrumentation decisions. Whole album is based on effective, eclectic and original synthesis between Western Europe, Asian and Arrabean music. Ethnic melodic and rhythmic intonations of Arrabean music gently go along together with Europe music, free improvisation, avant-garde jazz, experimental music and dozens of different elements of other musical language elements. That makes terrific, gorgeous, bright and interesting sound.

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