Dunmall / Schubert / Dessanay / Bashford – “Sign Of The Times” (FMR, 2018)

Dunmall / Schubert / Dessanay / Bashford: Sign Of The Times (FMR)

“Sign Of The Times” was recently released by “FMR Records”. Album was recorded by four great jazz masters – Frank Paul Schubert (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone), Paul Dunmall (soprano saxophone, alto saxophone, tenor saxophone), Sebastiano Dessanay (bass) and Jim Bashford (drums). All four musicians had been improvising together many times before this record. They are famous, interesting, creative and innovative members of contemporary experimental jazz scene. Each has individual and interesting playing style, unique sound, specific playing manner, which highly differs from the other musicians. Though, their playing styles also have much in common too – especially expressive, loud, vibrant, intensive, turbulent and luminous sound is created by using dozens of different playing techniques, sounds, expressions and timbres. Their music is based on avant-garde jazz elements. It also has the synthesis with bebop, post bop, hard bop, neo bop, fusion, contemporary and progressive jazz. Improvisations are very dynamic and full of sudden, unpredictable and spontaneous changes. Musicians always are going through different and contrasting playing manners, fusing together unusual sounds, strange timbres, fascinating musical experiments and extended playing techniques.

The album “Sign Of The Times” is a brilliant combination of avant-garde and modern jazz. Free, vital, vivid and expressive improvisations are filled with colorful and bright expressions, innovative playing techniques, inventive musical decisions and other original elements of musical language. The main sound of the album rests dynamic, variable and colorful all the time – it depends on many elements and aspects. Interesting instrumental compilation is used here – two saxophonists, bassist and drummer are combining together extraordinary, unusual and eclectic musical instruments. Various types of saxophones make the sound even more live, bright and vital. The duos between Frank Paul Schubert and Paul Dunmall are very effective and interesting. Marvelous, enchanting and brilliant solos are the most effective, bright and interesting episodes of whole album. Free structure, spontaneous, wild and furious musical experiments, the extraction of fresh and evocative sound, huge variety of strange timbres and sounds, vivacious, playful and vivid melodies, furiously fast, expressive and sensible virtuosic elements – these elements are the most important ones, which effects whole musical pattern: makes it modern, colorful, remarkable and bright. Intensive and rapid mood, bright and extremely loud solos, turbulent and spontaneous imrpovisation on the spot – these elements are kept in all improvisations and make the music even more dynamic, filled with colorful and pleasant surprises, shocking musical decisions and fascinating musical experiments. The conversatons by two saxophonists always are very dramatic and expressive – two individual and dynamic melodies have its own character and go through dozens of different moods, senses and tunes. Because of its marvelous, strong, effective, vibrant and passionate sound, saxophones improvisations really are the most important and gorgeous parts of the improvisations. It reveals the abilities and talent of the musicians and engages them to improvise in a new and different way. Expressive and dramatic melodies, totall, vibrant and extremely loud bursts of energy are masterfully connected with the elements of soft and warm contemporary jazz. Smooth, romantic, lyric, melodic and memorable solos are filled with static rhythmic, simple structure, relaxing tempo and soft harmony. It’s like a new and unheard side of the compositions, which is suddenly connected or changed by roaring and wild blow outs or turbulent collective improvisations. It’s very interesting and pleasant to listen sudden,  provocative and vigurous stylistic waves and changes. Huge variety of contrasts brings to the album unpredictable and dynamic sound. Bass section by Sebastiano Dessanay also is very variable and constantly changing. His music is based on avant-garde, modern and contemporary jazz synthesis. Subtle, soft and abstract solos, monotonic, solid and repetitive rhythmic section is gently connected with glamorous and engaging solos, evocative and harsh tunes, expressive and remarkable melodies and especially huge variety of different playing techniques, unusual timbres and sounds. Musician creates strong and bright rhythmic section, remarkable, expressive and vivid melodic line – it’s gently goes along together with all other instruments. Colorful, innovative and expressive drums section by Jim Bashford is a real bursts of energy. Turbulent improvisations, free, shrieky, effective and marvelous solos, rich and evocative musical language, rapid and gorgeous passages, illustrative and colorful new timbres, unheard sounds and connection with abstract, silent and monotonic rhythms make essential, emotional and bright sound. The music of this album has especially attractive, hot, expressive and sharp sound.


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