This Is It! (Satoko Fujii / Natsuki Tamura / Takashi Itani) – “1538” (Libra Records, 2018)

This Is It! (Satoko Fujii / Natsuki Tamura / Takashi Itani): 1538 (Libra)

“1538” was recently released by “Libra Records”. This album was recorded by three Japan avant-garde jazz musicians – Natsuki Tamura (trumpet), Satoko Fujii (piano) and Takashi Itani (drums, percussion). These three musicians had joined into one trio, which is very-well known as “This is It!”. The music of the trio is especially bright, energetic, dynamic and passionate. Expressive, live and rich musical langauge, spontaneous and rapid solos, vivid and free improvisations, accidentally created pices in the spot, astonishing musical experiments – these are the main elements of “This Is It!” music. The musical pattern usually is very sich and has many different layers – rhythms, sounds, timbres, expressions and unusual tunes form  individual forms and polyphonic facture. All three musicians are famous in avant-garde jazz scene. They had been active members of experimental jazz, free improvisation and avant-garde jazz scene for many years. Unique sound, specific and original playing style, creative and touching improvising, the willing to create bright and exceptional music – there are the main heys, these had made these musicians famous, original and remarkable members of avant-garde jazz scene.

“1538” is constructed by huge variety of contrasting pieces and compositions. All music is totally based on avant-garde jazz elements. The influenze of many famous avant-garde jazz stars and experimental jazz pioneers is strongly heard here. The musicians are using many playing techniques, manners and elements of improvising style, which were frequently used by such jazz legends like Ornette Coleman, Lennie Tristano, Cecil Taylor, Jimmy Giuffre and many others. Along with very well-known composing and playing techniques, musicians are searching for their own and specific styles and playing manners. All of them are the masters of creative and inventive improvising – their playing style is based on extraordinary, unique, attractive and bright musical decisions. Gorgeous, colorful and bright musical pattern is based on polyrhythmy, polyharmony and has many different and independent melodies. Musical facture is constructed by many individual layers which are colorfuly contrasting with each other. Bright, loud, active and independent melodic pattern is one of the most important elements of the compositions. By using many extended and modern expressions and instrumentation decisions, musicians create exceptional, energetic, bright, vivacious and dynamic sound. Vibrant solos, harsh, loud and dramatic culminations, abstract sets of unusual sounds and noises, rhythmical series of various rhythms, expressive, rigorous, remarkable and original melodies give intense, active and colorful sound of the album. The melodies are especially expressive, have rapid, dynamic, vivid and energetic mood for the most of the time. That gives strong and immediate effect to all sections of musical language. Trumpet and piano improvisations gently go along together. Effective solos, extremely rapid, furious, aggressive and moving passages, roulades and other virtuosic elements, separate tunes, abstractly joined together with charming, intensive and extremely loud blow outs, enchanting and sparkling riffs and marvelous busts of energy. Natsuki Tamura and Satoko Fuji are using extremely huge variety of playing techniques and other musical language elements. They are playing with contrasting tempos, bordering dynamics, huge amount of different moods, characters and sounds. Thay are not paying attention to precise and accurate extraction of noises and timbres – the main priority is to improvise with passion, freely and expressively and create extraordinary and original sound. The drums section by Takashi Itani is based on rigorous and sharp playing manner and many different sets of rhythic figures. Drummer masterfully connects together turbulent, harsh, loud and dramatic free improvisations, bright and playful solos, vivid and extremely fast passages, effective arpeggios, sudden abruptions, pauses or abstract musical experiments are connected together in one musical pattern. Music of this drummer is based on free improvisation, but also has the strong relation with bebop, post bop, hard bop, progressive jazz and other contemporary and modern jazz styles. The rhythmicsection is solid and bright, based on difficult sets of rhythmic figures and giant amount of different rhythms. The music is based on inventive and creative improvising, which brings outstanding, gorgeous and original sound.

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