Gianni Lenoci – “Earle Brown Selected Works For Piano” (Amirani, 2018)

“Earle Brown Selected Works For Piano” was recently released by “Amirani Records”. All compositions were written by famous 20th century contemporary academical music composer Earle Brown. Whole album was recorded by creative, talented and interesting pianist Gianni Lenoci. Earle Brown was an interesting figure in 20th century contemporary academical music scene. His music had had creative, expressive and modern musical language, live and variable musical pattern and modern sound. Through the long years of composing, Earle Brown had created and masterfully improved fascinating, gorgeous and interesting musical language. It’s mostly based on various composing techniques of 20th century, eclectic combinations of styles and especially rich variety of special effects, extended playing techniques and expressions. That makes an effort to natural, warm, expressive and dynamic sound of his compositions. Earle Brown music is somewhere near expressionism and post-expressionism, also has many elements of modernism, minimalism, concrete and spectral music, academic avant-garde and experimental music. He had composed huge amount of pieces for piano, also compositions for chamber ensembles, symphony orchestras, string quartets and other compilations of instruments. The key of his composing style is the contrast – music is based on inventive musical decisions, astonishing and interesting instrumentation, original and bright musical language and organic synthesis of all contrasting and different episodes.

One of the hugest part of Earle Brown compositions are the pieces for piano. It has bright, natural, effective and modern musical language, is formed by fascinating musical experiments, inventive instrumentation decisions and special effects. The piano music by Earl Brown is modern, has intense, vibrant and modern sound – it’s one of the most famous pieces which were written by this composer. The album “Earle Brown Selected Works For Piano” presents the most beautiful and effective pieces for piano. Pieces reveal unique sound and interesting musical language, which was created by Earle Brown and masterfully interpretated by pianist Gianni Lenoci. All the compositions of this album have the influenze of different music styles, rich musical language and huge variety of extended playing techniques, expressions, dynamics and rhythms. Compositions have all the main elements of composer composing style – colorful and bright short episodes are masterfully twisted together to make organic and effective synthesis of different characters and moods. The episodes are highly contrasting with each other – it has its own musical language and instruentation. The traditions of romantism and post-romantism,post-impressionism, expressionism and modernism are joined together in one place. Composer tends to travel all around through different zones and spaces of sound – he reveals new ways of playing, created modern background, bright and interesting musical pattern and takes on extravagant and provocative musical decisions. This music is extraordinary in various aspects. The form is not strictly based – it’s constructed by using various elements of classical forms and open forms. The elements of pieces frequently are repeated silmunateously one after each other – all this process is based on contrast. Gentle, soft and playful episodes are joined together with rigorous, roaring and harsh. That finally makes its way to the culminations – bright, expressive, touching and effective solos with extremely rapid passages, charming and marvelous roulades, sharp harmony, extraordinary chords, special effects and other illustrative elements of background. Wide range of different moods and sound effects whole musical pattern and sound – it makes it live, energetic and bright. All kinds and types of rhythms are used here – from the Western Europe music to Afroamerican music or ethnic music of various Europe countries. That especially hears in melodic section. Various jazz styles also are used here. The elements of traditional jazz, swing, modern and contemporary jazz, experimental jazz and free improvisations are gently integrated together with contemporary music in the most delicate and effective way. Harmony is colorful and modern – it’s based on 20th century harmony and always is somewhere between tonal and atonal music. Sharp dissonances, the chords of unusual sounds compilations, soft dissonances and other tunes, chords and sounds are gently organized together. The music of this album has remarkable, engaging and marvelous sound.

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