Scott Barton – “Stylistic Alchemies” (Ravello Records, 2018)

“Stylistic Alchemies” is the newest release of “Ravello Records”. Album compositions were recorded by original and creative contemporary academical music composer Scott Barton. Inventive musical decisions, extraordinary and eclectic stylistic combinations, provocative instrumentation, special effects and astonishing musical experiments – all these elements are the most important part of Scott Barton composing style. His composing style has wide range of different playing techniques, expressions and music styles. Minimalism, modernism, expresionism and post-expresionism, atonal and tonal music, puantilism, spectral and concrete music, sonic system experiments, electronics and many other composing techniques and styles of contemporary academical music are fused together in one place. Composer is the master of mixing up together huge diversity of contrasting music styles – contemporary academical music is masterfully combined together with rock, avant rock, indie rock,also mild intonations of dance music. This ectraordinary combination between absolutely different music styles shows the creativity of the composer. His compositions are usually written in free form, there also are many space left for free improvisation and spontaneous musical decisions. That makes an effort to remarkable, bright and marvelous sound of Scott Barton compositions.

“Stylistic Alchemies” has engaging, bright and effective sound. The compositions are based on basics of Scott Barnet composing style – the synthesis of many different music styles is made here in the most organic and effective way. Experimental and electronic music is mixed together with academic avant-garde, post-modernism music, the elements of minimalism, electroacoustic chamber music, and other contemporary academical music styles. Composer masterfully switches between different moods and creates a marvelous instrumentation and bright musical language. All his compositions have difficult, modern and innovative musical language. The basic elements of indie rock, dance music, rock and avant-rock are strongly heard here in most part of the compositions – it makes an organic synthesis with contemporary academical and experimental music. All kinds of different instruments are used here. Composer reaches wide range of unusual timbres and creates a huge variety of extraordinary instrumental combinations by using special effects and electronics. Sonic system experiments, the elements of concrete and spectral music, experiments of sonoristic are fused together with acoustic instruments modifications, voice, field and tape recordings, computer devices sounds and huge variety of colorful and gorgeous colouristic elements. That makes an effort to engaging, charming and effective background, which gently and expressively illustrates whole musical pattern. The form of the compositions is based on piece, but also has many elements of open and free forms, which are more related to avant-garde jazz and free improvisations. Dynamic rhythmic, eclectic instrumental and stylistic combinations, original and bright musical decisions, fascinating musical experiments, unpredictable and sudden waves, changes of moods and characters, sharp and colorful harmony – all these elements also are very important to whole musical pattern. Wide range of musical expressions, rhythms, chords, scales and playing techniques are used here. The fusion of contrasting episodes clearly shows that compositions are based on contrasts and sudden changes. Soft and gentle episodes are joined together with rigorous, sudden and turbulent culminations, bright, intense and hard rhythm figures of indie rock and rock make a high contrast with dynamic, expressive and vivacious rhythmic improvisations or energetic solos. Expressive, versatile and passionate melodies gently fit together with rigorous, hard and bright riffs, lyrical and minimalistic episodes or silent pauses. This music is always in a way of changing – the sound gets a new color each time, when new playing technique or experimental way of playing is used. Extremely huge variety of absolutely different styles, elements, sounds, timbres, playing techniques and all kinds of other types of musical language elements are effectively and masterfully joined in one place. That makes an effort to original, unique and remarkable sound.


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