Dave Ballou and Beephonk – “The Windup” (Clean Feed, 2018)

“The Windup” is the newest release of “Clean Feed Records”. Album was recorded by Dave Ballou (trumpet), Anthony Pirog (guitar and effects), Adam Hopkins (double bass) and Mike Kuhl (drums and cymbals). The music of this quartet is expressive, bright, filled with turbulent and vivacious solos and fascinating musical experiments. Each musician is improvising differently and individually – they all have interesting playing manner, unique sound and innovative improvising style. Marvelous and vibrant solos, bright and rich musical language, modern musical decisions, innovative instrumentation – all these elements make an effort to fresh and new sound. Musicians are paying the highest attention to creation of innovative, unusual and extraordinary sound and expansion of traditional sound zone. Their music is based on spontaneosu musical decisions, frantic solos and the basics of avant-garde and experimental jazz.

“The Windup” has remarkable sound and is full of innovative instrumentation decisions and spontaneous improvisations. Whole album is based on free improvisation – musicians are improvising free, expressively and with passion. Their music is very moody and dynamic – it’s changing all the time. From the silent and calm episodes it gets to dramatic, turbulent and vibrant solos, frantic improvisations and rigorous blow outs. Sudden, unpredictable and colorful changes are the basics of the compositions – it helps musicians to create bright, innovative and contrasting sound. Musicians are travelling through dozens of different moods – each mood is joined with changes of styles and musical language elements. The basics f avant-garde and experimental jazz are organically joined together with bebop, post bop, neo bop, hard bop, other modern jazz styles, some intonations of rock and avant-rock also are heard very strongly from time to time. All these elements are colorfully combined together in one place and make eclectic and dynamic sound. Trumpet improvisations are filled with pleasant surprises and stylistic changes. Dave Ballou creates innovative and bright musical language, which is based on contrasts, special effects and experimental ways of playing. Trumpeter is improvising spontaneously, free and dynamic – his improvisations are made by twists and turns. Vibrant and rigorous solos, vivacious and gentle melodies, silent, relaxing and calm episodes, roaring, aggressive, expressive and turbulent blow outs, effective, dramatic and energetic bursts of energy – these and many other elements are masterfully joined together in one place. Dave Ballou playing style and manner is totally based on avant-garde and experimental jazz. Unusual timbres, colorful sounds and strange noises gorgeously illustrate whole musical pattern. Anthony Pirog guitar improvisations are based on synthesis between various music styles. Avant-garde jazz and free improvisations rest the basics of his compositions, but it has many relations with modern jazz, rock, avant-rock, and even academic avant-garde and experimental music. This huge range of music styles and eclectic combinations is gently combined together in one place with special effects, musical experiments and dozens of strange timbres and extended playing techniques. Guitar improvisations are very dynamic and different – sometimes it has all the basics of free improvisation, sometimes it sounds more like piece of experimental or academical music or turbulent and harsh rock composition. These sudden and drastic changes of all musical language elements make a remarkable, expressive and marvelous sound. Adam Hopkins double bass shows the other side of the improvisations. The most part of improvisations has solid, subtle and relaxing sound, is based on abstract musical pattern and huge variety of unusual timbres. Double bass improvisations are played spontaneously and with passion – it’s also filled with innovative musical decisions and has modern and bright musical language. Mike Kuhl drums section is full of eclectic instrumental and stylistic combinations. Drums are mixed together with cymbals and various percussion instruments. Rich variety of these instruments effects whole sound of the album – it makes colorful, bright and solid rhythmic section and gorgeous background. Loud and frantic drum rolls, turbulent and dramatic improvisations, harsh and sharp solos, virtuosic passages, silent and playful arpeggios or scandalous fanfars – many different elements and extended playing techniques are used here to create expressive and interesting sound. The music of this album is dynamic and interesting – it has remarkable and bright sound.

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