Prune Bécheau – “Stries ton, tripes et poils” (Weighter Recordings, 2018)

“Stries ton, tripes et poils” was released by “Weighter Records” a few months ago. Album was recorded by strings instrument’s virtuoso and improviser Prune Bécheau. Musician is famous in avant-garde jazz scene because of innovative improvising style, unique sound and interesting playing manner. He pays the highest attention to extraction of unusual timbres ad creation of fresh, new and interesting sound. His music is based on avant-garde jazz, experimental music, electronic and electroacoustic music and has some relations with academic avant-garde and contemporary academical music. This huge range of different styles helps musician to create original, bright and remarkable sound. Prune Becheau music is filled with spontaneous solos, free improvisations, colorful, expressive and vivid melodies, bright and original musical language, inventive orchestration decisions and wide variety of rare, unheard and fresh timbres. Effective and modern instrumentation has a strong effort to whole sound – it makes his music to sound interesting, bright and passionate.

“Stries ton, tripes et poils” is based on avant-garde jazz and other music styles. The music has dynamic rhythmic, expressive melodies, eclectic and bright stylistic combinations, creative orchestration decisions – all these elements contain the main part of this album improvisations. Compositions are iinteresting and modern at various points. Avant-garde jazz elements are fused together with experimental music, various styles of contemporary academical music elements, electronics and academic avant-garde. The form of the compositions is free, based on spontaneous solos and made by various open forms of avant-garde jazz and classical forms of Western Europe music. Improviser likes to play spontaneously – he frequently makes vivid, unpredictable and vivacious musical decisions, which create a contrasting sound. The instrumentation probably is the most effective point of this album – it makes the highest effort to effective, suggestive and expressive sound. The authentic sounds of baroque violin are fused together with original, strange and interesting electronics. Glitch, drone, computer achine, the sounds of electronics and computer devices, sound alterations, timbres modifications, imitations of various nature sounds, field recordings, tape and voice recordings – all these elements are used here together with violin. Violin melodies are filled with expressive and bright solos, calm and silent pieces, abstract musical pattern and inventive instrumentation – vivid staccato, energetic and moving solos, spontaneous musical decisions, extraordinary playing techniques and experimental ways of playing bring remarkable and bright sound to this album. Improviser tries out everything – he mixes ad fuses together many different musical language elements which are the opposites to each other. Moving and touching solos suddenly turn out to silent and relaxing pieces, playful pizzicato, bright and turbulent culminations, effective vibrato, active and colorful glissando and many other traditional playing techniques. All these things are masterfully integrated together in one place. The melodic line is emotional and dynamic – musician likes to experiment in various fields of musical language – by using dozens of experimental ways of playing, special effects, electronics and other instrumentation decisions he creates bright, interesting, fresh and remarkable melodies, colorful background and strong rhythmic line. This music is vivid, fresh, expressive, dynamic and passionate – it has wide range of different sounds, expressions, tunes and timbres. Marvelous synthesis between various jazz and experimental music styles make an effprt to interesting and original sound.

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