Glen Whitehead Trio – “The Living Daylights” (PfMENTUM, 2018)

“The Living Daylights” is the newest release of “PfMENTUM” label. Album was recorded by Glenn Whitehead Trio”. This trio consists of three great jazz masters – Britton Ciampa (drums), Scott Walton (bass) and Glen Whitehead (trumpet). The music of this trio is based on avant-garde jazz, experimental music and free improvisation. All three musicians like to demonstrate their own and unique sound, specific playing manner and make inventive and modern musical decisions. Extraction of strange noises, separate tunes, mix of different playing and improvising techniques, expressions, moods and characters – all these elements are the priority to each member of this trio. Dynamic and sudden changes, drastic and provocative jumps through various moods, tunes and techniques help musicians to make original and colorful sound. That’s the main reason why tis music is glamorous, attractive, bright and vibrant.

“The Living Daylights” has all basics of avant-garde jazz. The traditions of American avant-garde jazz are twisted together with other experimental jazz styles. Free improvisations are made of spontaneous solos, which are bright and touching – it’s filled with splendid passages, marvelous and vibrant blow outs,  fascinating musical experiments and unusual timbres. Musicians are paying the highest attention to the search of new and extravagant ways of playing – they are mixing together traditional and experimental playig techniques, special effects and wide range of different musical expressions. The most important element of musical language is bright and interesting instrumentation – it brings more live, energy and colors to all compositions. The musical pattern is rich and bright – it’s based on various open forms, abstract facture and short melodic elements. Glen Whitehead trumpet improvisations are colorful and expressive. Improviser likes to search for new and interesting sounds, original ways and expressions, uses huge range of dynamics and other musical language elements. His music has abstract musical pattern  – various sounds, tunes, rhythms, melodies and chords are masterfully fused together in one place. His solos are very dynamic and active – it’s changing all the time. From bright, expressive and vivid solos it gets to lyric and abstract mood, or depressive, dark, aggressive and rigorous. The changes of moods and other musical language elements are sudden and unpredictable – it make a strong contrast between different parts of compositions. Expressive, passionate and vivacious playing manner make the compositions of Glen Whitehead into spontaneous, marvelous, vibrant and dynamic improvisations. Spontaneous solos, bright and vivid melodies, calm and peaceful excerpts, rigorous and dark bursts of energy, turbulent and active culminations, rapid passages and many other elements contain the main part of his compositions. Scott Walton bass melodies are contrasting, dynamic and bright. From subtle, calm and peaceful solos it’s suddenly gets to bright, moving and touching melodies, turbulent culminations or spontaneous musical experiments. Sparkling and effective passages, dynamic and independent bass line, colorful harmony, modern and inventive musical decisions, experimental ways of playing – all these elements makes an effort to glamorous, remarkable and expressive sound. Bass improvisations colorfully illustrate trumpet solos, add enormous variety of different timbres and sounds and keep strong and solid bass section. It makes the musical pattern more rich and bright – the elements of neo bop, n\bebop, and other modern jazz styles are gently integrated together with experimental jazz. Drums section of Britton Ciampa is based on spontaneous musical decisions, active mood and sound experiments. The static and calm rhythms of traditional jazz are fused together with sharp, energetic and active modern jazz rhythms, calm rhythms of cool or other contemporary jazz styles. All these elements are mixed together with turbulent, spontaneous and active free improvisations, which are the most vibrant , remarkable and effective episodes of whole album. Three musicians are improvising inventively and creatively – they are the masters of combining together many absolutely different styles, expressions, playing techniques and other elements of musical language. They are doing in the most effective and interesting way – that makes an effort to bright, passionate and remarkable sound of this album.

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