Jarrett Gilgore|Luke Stewart|Ian McColm – “Heart Of The Ghost” (SR, 2018)

“Heart Of The Ghost” was released on June. This album was recorded by “Heart Of The Ghost” trio, which members are Jarrett Gilgore (alto saxophone), Luke Stewart (bass) and Ian McColm (drums). All three musicians had been improvising together for a while now – their music is based on difficult and brightm usical language, is formed by basics of avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. The main mood of their music usually is energetic, moving and vivacious – musicians have a tendency to create new timbres and explore fresh xones of sound and their instruments. Free and bright improvisations, inventive and brilliant instrumentation, original and colorful turns and waves, wide range of extended playing techniques, expressions, sounds and rhythms are the main priority of their music. Each musician has its own and specific sound – it’s constructed by individual and specific sound, vivacious and moody waves of styles and unpredictable surprises. Their playing manner is especially expressive, passionate and dynamic.

“Heart Of The Ghost” is expressive and passionate set of the compositions. The basic of this album is avant-garde and experimental jazz, free improvisation and the intonations of modern jazz styles. The influenze of bebop, post bop, neo bop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles are gently and naturally blended together with turbulent, expressive, bright and harsh collective improvisations. Each musician has its own and unique sound, interesting playing manner and makes inventive and creative musical decisions. That’s the reason, why compositions of this album are very moody, dynamic and filled with unpredictable stylistic waves and moods changes. Compositions have solid melodic section, strong and effective rhythmic and colorful background. Musicians are using experimental ways of playing, unusual and provocative playing techniques, eclectic combinations of the instruments – all these elements are gently fused together in one place. Saxophone solos by Jarrett Gilgore are real bursts of energy – improviser has especially expressive, hot, sharp and harsh playing manner. He likes to fuse together many different episodes or elements, which have no relation with each other. The improvisations are full of passionate and moving solos, fascinating and sparkling melodies, vibrant, energetic and harsh blow outs, cracky, sharp, unusual and strange noises and many other coloristic elements. Touching and vivid saxophone improvisations go through different moods and expressions – from light, expressive and vivid melodies, wild fast and furious passages music gets to frantic, dramatic, aggressive and bright culminations or achieve the most dark and depressive places of the improvisations. Improviser masterfully mixes together al these things – it turns his music into remarkable, passionate and sparkling improvisations, which make an effort to whole album. Luke Stewart bass improvisations are contrasting and dynamic. Subtle, dark, aggressive or very soft solos are joined together with vivid, pasionate, active, turbulent and moving solos. Bass melodies are based on sound experiments, free musical pattern and form, dynamic rhythmic, colorful harmony and bright background. Bassist tries out numerous of different playing techniques and manners to create original and interesting sound. Bass improvisations have many function in these compositions – solid, independent and static bass line keeps strong harmonic and rhythmic pattern. Vivacious and passionate solos grow out to dramatic and turbulent culminations, free improvisations and colorfully fit together with saxophone melodies. Ian McColm drums section is based on synthesis between the rhythms of various ajzz styles. Rhythms of modern jazz are joined together with free and turbulent improvisations – that makes a colorful, contrasting, bright and interesting sound. Expressive, aggressive and sharp rhythms of bebop bring touching and moving sound. It finally grows out to loud, dramatic and turbulent free improvisations – masterful synthesis of different musical language elements and moods create energetic, vivid and intense rhythmic section. The music of this album is played spontaneously and with passion – it has remarkable, gorgeous and moving sound.

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