Evan Parker|Eddie Prevost – “Tools Of Imagination” (Fundacja Sluchaj, 2018)

“Tools Of Imagination” is one of the newest albums, recently released by “Fundacja Sluchaj”. The music was recorded by great duo – Evan Parker (tenor saxophone) and Eddie Prevost (drums, percussion). Both musicians are great famous jazz masters. Their improvisations always are played with passion and have expressive, live and bright musical language. The music is based on avant-garde jazz and free improvisations.  Musicians like to improvise spontaneously – they are the masters of creative, colorful, bright and innovative improvising. They fuse together wide variety of moods, characters, expressions, playing techniques, rhythms, chords and other elements of musical language. Though their music is based on avant-garde jazz, it also has relations with other jazz styles, especially modern jazz. Sharp and aggressive harmony, dynamic rhythmic, furious and turbulent solos, bright, free and intensive free improvisations, expressive and original playing style – all these elements form specific and unique sound of these musicians improvisations.

“Tools of Imagination’ compositions have rapid, energetic and harsh sound. Both musicians are experimenting in all sections of musical language. Their music is based on bright, rich and modern musical language. Special effects, bright and passionate solos, gorgeous and colorful timbres, extended and experimental playing techniques, unique style of improvising surely make an effort to whole album. This album is very contrasting and bright – both musicians are using inventive musical decisions, eclectic combinations, colorful expressions and are dedicated to create fresh, creative and original sound. Basic elements of musicians playing styles are used here – it’s highly contrasting with each other, but organically and effectively go along together. Evan Parker is improvising masterfully and remarkably in this album. He use all the main typical elements of his original playing style. Bright, passionate and expressive solos are filled with vivacious and virtuosic passages, vibrant, moving and striking arpeggios, turbulent, effective, frantic and harsh blow outs and many other elements. His music music is especialy energetic, passionate and dynamic for the most of the time. Evan Parker music, as usual, is based on creative, impressive and glamorous improvising in-the-spot. Experienced jazz master professionally switches between different moods, expressions, extracts huge variety of colorful and weird timbres and experiments in various sections of musical language. He masterfully fuses together extended playing techniques with experimental and specific ways of playing – organic synthesis of orignal and modern instrumentation decisions makes an effort to bright, fresh and evocatvie sound. The improvisations are made spontaneously – it’s constructed by many different pieces, which have its own style and sound. Evan Parker masterfully blends together absolutely contrasting and different timbres, sounds, expressions and other musical language elements, which are the opposites to the other. The basics of avant-garde jazz al ways are the main elements of Evan Parker improvisations – it’s blended together with some mild intonations of bebop, post bop, hard bop and other modern jazz styles. By using dozens of different playing techniques and special effects, he creates glamorous, bright, intensive, passionate and turbulent sound. Eddie Prevost drums and percussion section also has energetic and dynamic sound. The playing style of Eddie Prevost is based on avant-garde jazz, but he uses frequently the rhythmic forms of other jazz styles and Afroamerican music. Sharp, dynamic, aggressive and rapid bebop and hard bop rhythms are fused together with some static and calm elements of cool or fusion and turbulent, harsh, bright and dynamic free improvisation. His music is filled with sparkling solos, harsh and powerful drum rolls, fanfars, virtuosic and rapid arpeggios, glamorous passages and numerous of special effects and colorful percussion timbres. As same as Evan Parker, Eddie Prevost base his music on free and spontaneous improvisation. His improvisations are always in change – sometimes it gets light and gorgeous, sometimes – very aggressive, frantic, harsh and turbulent. Both musicians are improvising impressively and creatively. Together they create remarkable and interesting sound.

5 thoughts on “Evan Parker|Eddie Prevost – “Tools Of Imagination” (Fundacja Sluchaj, 2018)”

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