Møster|Edwards|Knedal Andersen – “Different Shapes/Immersion” (Va Fongool, 2018)

“Different Shapes/Immersion” is the newest release of “Va Fongool” label. Album was recorded by Kjetil Moster (saxophone, clarinet), John Edwards (double bass) and Dag Erik Knedal Andersen (drums). Music by these three musicians is filled with interesting sounds, has rich musical pattern, difficult facture and huge range of colorful and modern musical expressions. Musicians are trying out new ways of playing – they are fusing together experimental and traditional playing techniques in one place. Musicians are making original and inventive musical decisions, colorful instrumentation decisions and modern stylistic waves. Free improvisation, spontaneous solos, eclectic stylistic combinations, extended playing techniques, open and abstract forms, dynamic rhythmic, fascinating musical experiments and the synthesis between various jazz styles – all these elements are the most important things of their improvisations. Organic synthesis of huge variety of different timbres, sounds, expressions and solos makes an effort to impressive and modern sound.

“Different Shapes/Immersion” has interesting and organic sound. Musicians are improvising individually and differently from each other. Each of them has its own and original way of improvising – their solos are expressive, passionate, filled with unusual timbres, individual and independent melodies and inventive orchestration decisions. The music is based on abstract musical pattern,, polyphonic and difficult facture and extended playing techniques, expressions, dynamics and unusual timbres. The highest priority is given to search of unusual sounds and colorful timbres – musicians are expanding the zone of sound of their instruments. They are dedicated to create their own, fresh and evocative sound. Various special effects, interesting and inventive musical decisions, contrasting and sudden stylistic waves, changes of moods and expressions are very important elements of whole musical pattern. The form is based on various open forms of avant-garde jazz. Free collective improvisations by all three musicians form the basic of the album. The musicians are fusing together avant-garde jazz and various styles of modern jazz. Various traditions of experimental jazz are mixed together – it’s innovative and modern Scandinavian jazz, the intonations of European and American free jazz, creative and avant-garde jazz. The traditions and intonations of different avant-garde jazz styles are mixed together very organically and professionally. It’s blended together with mild intonations of bebop, post bop, hard bop and other similar modern jazz styles. Saxophone and clarinet improvisations are played with passion and expression. Kjetil Moster tries out interesting ways of playing and switches between different moods, which are highly contrasting with each other. His music is full of vibrant and special effects and innovative instrumentation decisions which make an effort to effective and intense sound. Roraring, harsh and loud blow outs, intensive and vibrant solos, expressive and vivacious melodies, rapid passages, separate tunes, colorful and strange timbres and dozens of extended and innovative instrumentation decisions help improviser to create solid, impressive and fresh sound. John Edwards double bass is based on contrasts – improviser is diving from one mood to the other. Expressive and light solos get to silent and subtle, dramatic and turbulent, or very aggressive, harsh and vibrant. Improviser surely knows how to express huge range of different emotions and extract strange and evocative timbres. He also shows his virtuosity and talent to improvise spontaneously – turbulent, impressive and effective improvisations in the spot are the most remarkable episodes of his improvisations. The drums section by Dag Erik Knedal Andersen is filled with subtle timbres, dynamic and static rhythms, all kinds of different types of rhythmic forms, special effects and musical experiments. Drummer fuses together sharp, expressive, dynamic and furious bebop rhythms, turbulent and free collective improvisations, powerful and loud drum rolls and many other playing techniques. The drums section is solid, intensive, effective and highly contrasting with melodic section. The music is based on abstract musical pattern and rich facture – colorful and expressive melodic section and independent rhythmic section is blended together in one place very organically and effectively. That makes an effort to remarkable and impressive sound.

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