Satoko Fujii|Joe Fonda|Gianni Mimmo – “Triad” (Long Song Records, 2018)

“Triad” is a new release of “Long Song Records”. Album was recorded by three jazz masters – Satoko Fuji (piano), Joe Fonda (double bass, flute) and Gianni Mimmo (soprano saxophone). These creative and talented avant-garde jazz improvisers had been improvising together many times. Each of them has their own and original playing style, unique sounds and interesting playing manner. The music is based on avant-garde jazz. The elemenets of free, creative, experimental and other avant-garde jazz styles are gently combined together in their improvisations. There’s also heard many relations with modern jazz – bebop, post bop, hard bop and other styles. The music is full of contrasts – free improvisations have energetic and turbulent sound, bright and vibrant musical pattern and wide range of musical expressions, playing techniques and timbres. The musicians are deciated to search for new and unusual ways of playing and create remarkable and impressive sound. Contrasts between various musical language elements, drastic and sudden changes of moods, characters and expressions make the music of this trio colorful, expressive and contrasting.

“Triad” is based on free improvisations. The musical pattern has many different layers, sounds, tones, melodies and expressions. Open form, free and spontaneous improvisation, vivacius and expressive solos or abstract, silent and separate sounds – these elements is a little part of whole musical pattern. The musicians trying out new and experimental ways of playing – their music is always changing, is full of twists and stylistic turns. Music of this album has wide range of music styles – avant-garde, modern and contemporary jazz are fused together in one place. Along with free improvisation and avant-garde jazz, this music has mild relations with contemporary academical music, experimental music, sound experiments and academic avant-garde. The intonations of these, already mentioned, music styles are very soft and mild. It’s not used as a pure stylistic element. The sounds of academic avant-garde, contemporary academical music are mostly used in instrumentation – the musicians are using new and original ways of playing. The intonations of experimental music is heard  in timbres section – the search and extraction of new and unusual sounds, timbres and tones is one of the most important element of these compositions. All these elements of contemporary academical music, experimental music and acadmeic avant-garde make a organic and natural synthesis with avant-garde jazz and free improvisation. Piano melodies are very contrasting and dynamic. It’s full of expressive solos, vivid, impressive and vivacious melodies, wide range of chords and scales and special effects. All these elements are highly contrasting with soft, subtle, silent and abstract episodes. Remarkable, impressive and virtuosic passages, marvelous and vibrant solos, colorful harmony and dynamic rhythmic make an effort to whole sound of the album. Double bass melodies form the rhythmic and harmonic basement. Various stylistic waves, experimental playing techniques, wide range of colorful and modern expressions, rhythms and unusual timbres make a bright, innovative and modern musical language. Vibrant and energetic solos, vivacious and expressive melodies and special effects are contrasting with deep, static and dark bass line. Flute melodies are soft and dynamic. Harsh, aggressive and shrieky solos, emotional and passionate melodies, virtuosic and marvelous passages are joined together with lyrical, subtle, peaceful and slow episodes. These episodes bring contrasting, colorful and interesting sound. Soft and interesting flute melodies gently fit together with soprano saxophone. Free and spontaneous solos, effective, vibrant and powerful blow outs, wild fast and furious passages – all these elements are the most remarkable and interesting things of soprano saxophone solos. Each musican is improvising creatively and expressively. All three of them numerous of different extended playing techniques, experimental and unusual ways of playing, which gently go aling together with traditional playing techniques of contemporary academical music. The album has impressive and interesting sound.

One thought on “Satoko Fujii|Joe Fonda|Gianni Mimmo – “Triad” (Long Song Records, 2018)”

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