Daniel Carter / William Parker / Matthew Shipp – “Seraphic Light” (AUM Fidelity, 2018)

“Seraphic Light” is the newest release of “AUM Fidelity”. Album was recorded by great and famous jazz masters – Daniel Carter (flute, trumpet, tenor, alto & soprano saxophones, clarinet), William Parker (bass) and Matthew Shipp (piano). All three musicians are original, creative and innovative avant-garde jazz masters. They also are active members of contemporary avant-garde jazz scene – they are collaborating all the time with other famous improvisers. Their music is expressive, vivacious, striking and vivid. It’s also filled with interesting, extravagant and modern musical decisions, astonishing musical experiments and innovative ways of playing. All these elements are fused together in one place and contain modern and rich musical language. Musicians improvisations are based on avant-garde jazz, but also have many relations with bebop, post bop and hardbop. Their music is full of energetic, expressive and dynamic solos, aggressive, sharp harmony,  turbulent and spontaneous solos, and many other similar elements. The synthesis between all these different musical language elements make extraordinary and interesting sound. Collective improvisations by all three musicians always are based on innovative musical experiments, expressive and colorful playing manner and inventive musical decisions.

“Seraphic Light” is totally based on avant-garde jazz elements. Free improvisation, spontaneous and expressive solos, musical experiments, search of unusual and strange timbres, open forms and many other similar elements contain the main element of all improvisations. The highest attention is paid for creation of colorful and expressive sound, expansion of traditional technical abilities of acoustic instruments and usage of innovative playing techniques. Musicians are experimenting in all ways and sections of musical language. Expressive and passionate playing manner, dynamic rhythmic, sharp, aggressive and modern harmony, different scales, eclectic and strange combinations – all these elements make rich and colorful musical pattern. Along with basics of avant-garde jazz and free improvisation, the compositions have many relations with bebop, hard bop and other similar modern jazz styles. Lyrical and peaceful episodes of the compositions are based on abstract musical pattern. It has subtle and calm sound, lyrical and soft mood and is based on separate unusual timbres, sounds and short melodic elements. Repetitive melodic and rhythmic intonations also are used in these pieces. It makes monotonic and meditative sound. Many different moods, expressions, characters and sounds are organically fused together in these compositions. Each musician is improvising differently from the others. Daniel Carter flute, saxophones and clarinet improvisations are especially expressive and moody. It’s filled with dynamic and passionate solos, which contain many different musical expressions, rhythms and chords. Virtuosic and wild fast solos, passionate and expressive melodies, vivid and spontaneous improvisations, marvelous passages and vibrant, energetic, powerful and intense blow outs are just the part of his improvisations. Musician masterfully fuses together all these different musical language elements and connects them with lyrical and soft flutes melodies, slow and monotonic solos or franky, harsh and turbulent solos. His music is filled with interesting and dynamic improvisations, which are made on-the-spot and based on sudden and eclectic stylistic turns. William Parker bass melodies can appear very subtle and soft from the first tone, but it’s fused together with furiously fast solos, rapid and vivid passages, colorful, expressive and striking melodies, turbulent and vibrant tones, repetitive, deep and dark chords and many other elements. His music gets many different moods and expressions – from very silent and soft it gets to joyful, playful and vivid, especially fast and active, expressive and passionate or harsh, aggressive and dark. His improvisations are full of unusual and strange sounds, which are extracted by using dozens of different playing techniques. Matthew Shipp piano solos are especially passionate, vivid, striking and expressive. Pianist usic is based on frantic solos, harsh and sharp chords, rapid and dynamic rhythmic and spontaneous solos. His music is full of splendid and impressive solos, virtosic and wild fast passages, extremely loud and powerful repetitive chords and tones, inventive musical decisions and experimental ways of playing. The music of this album has remarkable and impressive sound, which is created by great and innovative jazz masters.



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