Martin Küchen & Anders Lindsjö – “The Stork & The Chimp” (Konvoj Records, 2018)

“The Stork & The Chimp” is the newest release of “Konvoj Records”. Album was recorded by two interesting and creative jazz masters – it’s Martin Kuchen (soprano and sopranino saxophone, snare drum) and Anders Lindsjo (semi-acoustic and acoustic guitar). Both musicians are expenrienced and talented jazz masters. Their music is full of interesting musical decisions, expressive solos, inventive and modern musical expressions, experimental ways of playing and sounds experiments. All these elements are merged together in one place very effectively and organicaly. Through the years of creative activity, musicians had created and masterfully improved the original and interesting playing manner and unique sound. Music is based on avant-garde jazz, repetitive melodic and rhythmic elements, which are connected together with dynamic and turbulent bursts of energy. Repetitive and monotonic melodic elements and rhythms create a meditative, suggestive and effective sound. Then it’s combined together with roaring, harsh, sharp and aggressive solos, colorful and strange timbres and wide range of different playing techniques, it gets energetic, extraordinary, vibrant and interesting sound.

The music of “The Stork & The Chimp” has interesting and original sound. Both musicians like brave, fascinating and charming musical experiments. They also try to extract new and interesting timbres. Their music has interesting, rich, colorful and evocative musical pattern. It’s based on many different independent and colorful melodies, expressions, timbres, innovative playing techniques and dynamic rhythms. The music is based on many different intonations – musicians masterfully fuse together avant-garde jazz, traditional elements of Asian countries music, the intonations of modern jazz styles, contemporary academical music, Western Europe music and free improvisation. This masterful synthesis between absolutely different music styles, expressions, countries and cultures are organically fused together in one place. Musicians not hesitate to make inventive, provocative and xtravagant musical deciisons. They are trying out new ways of playing and fusing them with traditional ones. Mrtin Kuchen saxophone melodies are especially expressive, striking, vivacious and dynamic. Saxophonist masterfully fuses together vivid, expressive and rapid solos, virtuosic and energetic passages, roaring, harsh, furious and marvelous blow outs, repetitive and monotonic melodic intonations and rhythms. He also creates a colorful and gorgeous background, which is made by colorful, strange and weird sounds and timbres. Saxophonist masterfully switches between different moods and expressions – music is full of sudden and dynamic changes of styles and moods. Joyful, playful and vivacious solos suddenly turn out to very sharp, rigorous and aggressive, dramatic and turbulent bursts of energy or very silent, meditative and peaceful episodes. It’s impossible to prognose, where is his music is going to turn next – each mood, stylistic turn bring new color to whole music. Anders Lindsjo guitar melodies are filled with strange sounds, interesting and inventive musical experiments, original and colorful musical decisions and innovative improvising manner. Interesting sounds, expressive solos, subtle, meditative and monotonic moods or very dramatic and turbulent solos – all these elements are joined together especially organically and naturally. The extraordinary sounds of semi-acoustics bring colorful and modern sound to whole album. Both musicians are using wide range of different playing techniques, eclectic, interesting and effective instruments combinations – dynamic, interesting and free guitar solos, expressive and turbulent saxophones improvisations are mixed together with semi-acoustics, drums, free improvisations and sudden changes of moods and characters. The music of this album has suggestive, effctive and original sound.

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