Rodrigo Amado / Joe McPhee / Kent Kessler / Chris Corsano – “A History of Nothing” (trost records, 2018)

“A History of Nothing” is a new release of “trost records”. Album was recorded by four outstanding jazz musicians – Rodrigo Amado (tenor saxophone), Joe McPhee (pocket trumpet, soprano saxophone), Kent Kessler (double bass) and Chris Corsano (drums). These four musicians are full of interesting and inventive ideas, have original playing manner and unique playing style. Their music is always totally based on avant-garde and experimental jazz, free improvisation and smooth elements of various modern jazz styles. Their music is filled with spontaneous, expressive, passionate and touching improvising. Interesting musical decisions, rich, modern and evocative musical pattern, wide range of different musical expressions, original musical language are gently fused together with stylistic waves, experimental ways of playing, searches of unusual sounds and timbres and other similar elements. Musicians like to experiment in all sections of musical language – they are trying to expand the usual technical abilities of their instruments and go out of zone of traditional sound. Marvelous syntheisis of all these elements, which were already mentioned, makes an effort to remarkable, impressive and original sound of their music.

The music of “A History Of Nothing” is filled with spontaneous musical decisions and sudden stylistic waves. The improvisations are based on organic synthesis between various jazz styles. The main basics of avant-garde jazz and free improvisations are the main part of each composition. Expressive, evocative and vivacious improvisations, marvelous, glamorous and impressive solos, free and spontaneous musical decisions, experimental ways of playing, open forms, dissonance harmony and dynamic rhythmic – all these elements keep bright and strong influence of avant-garde jazz. Even though, the relations with other jazz styles also are heard. Rapid and dynamic rhythmic, dsharp and aggressive harmony, furiously fast and virtuosic passages, expressive and emotional playing manner bring the colors of bebop, post-bop, hard-bop and other similar modern jazz styles. Some intonations of contemporary or even traditional jazz styles also are heard – it’s used especially softly and mild, are organically mixed together with other jazz styles. Monotonic rhythmic, soft and lyric sound, meditative mood, slow temp, quadratic and dtrict structure, monotonic and same rhythmic – these elements are also used from time to time and bring the intonations of contemporary and traditional jazz. This music contains wide range of different colors, senses, tones, moods and expressions. Musicians masterfully switch between various playing manners, ways of playing and styles. Rodrigo Amado saxophone and Joe McPhee pocket trumpet and saxophone melodies form solid, firm and colorful melodic section. Musicians are talented masters of their art – they have an impressive ability to fuse together contrasting episodes, mix together different forms, rhythms and expressions and reveal their own and unique playing manner. Saxophones improvisations are filled with expressive, vivacious, rapid and vivid solos, wild fast and virtuosic passages, rigorous, sharp and aggressive blow outs, turbulent and dramatic culminations. The music is changing – from rapid, turbulent, powerful and intense it gets to very calm ,relaxing and peaceful. From the simple and quadratic form, consonance harmony and monotonic rhythmic compositions turn out to sharp, vibrant, extremely loud and aggressive solos, disonance harmony and constantly changing rhythmic. Expressive, moving and spontaneous improvisations are based on free and inventive musical decisions, fascinating musical experiments, remarkable sound and huge range of colorful and strange timbres. Kent Kessler double bass melodies are more subtle and calm – deep and monotonic bass line, repetitive tones, simple quadratic form and monotonic rhythmic are the main elements of a part of his compositions. Calm, relaxing and peaceful double bass has the other side, which is absolutely contrasting. The culminations of the compositions are the most effective and passionate episodes. Expressive, rapid, striking and energetic melodies are filled with extravagant and provocative musical decisions, free and spontaneous improvisations, unusual and colorful sounds and musical experiments. Chris Corsano drums section is very colorful and expressive. Just like the improvisations of other instruments, drums section is based on contrasts. The great synthesis between slow and rapid tempos, monotonic and dynamic rhythms, sharp, aggressive, rapid and expressive solos or turbulent and spontaneous improvisations – all the rhythmic elements of various jazz styles are fused all together in one place. It’s mixed together with sound experiments, original and unique playing manner and impressive improvising. The music of this album is a great combination of different styles, musical language elements, playing techniques and sounds, which are masterfuklly and creatively mixed together by impressive and great improvisers.

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