Dave Holland|Evan Parker|Craig Taborn|Ches Smith – “Uncharted Territories” (Dare 2 Records, 2018)

“Uncharted Territories” was recently released by “Dare 2”. Album was recorded by great and famous jazz masters – it’s Dave Holland (bass), Evan Parker (tenor sax), Craig Taborn (piano, keyboards, organ, electronics) and Ches Smith (percussion). Their music is created with passion – it’s very expressive, dynamic, creative and interesting. The collective improvisations usually are based on spontaneous, moody and playful musical decisions, sudden and contrasting stylistic changes and exploring of new ways of playing. Musicians have their own and original playing style, unique playing manner and sound. Expressive solos, remarkable and passionate melodies, free and spontaneous collective improvisations, rigorous, sharp, aggressive and vibrant blow outs and many other main elements of these musicians playing styles are fused together in one place. Musicians like brave and innovative musical experiments, explore of new ways of playing and creation of new and unusual timbres. This album is another one great opportunity to hear four famous and remarkable jazz masters playing together.

The music of this album is based on avant-garde jazz, but also has relations with other jazz styles. Expressive and dynamic solos, rapid rhythmic, vivacious melodies and passionate solos bring the intonations of various modern jazz styles such as post-bop, neo-bop, bebop and others. All these elements are merged together with avant-garde jazz, free improvisation and experimental music. The compositions of this album are dedicated for different instrument compilations. Musicians are playing not just as a quartet, but also as a duo or trio. Different compilations give interesting result – each composition has its own character and sound. Evan Parker tenor saxophone improvisations are filled with expressive, vivacious, touching, striking and evocative solos, remarkable melodies, intense, vibrant and turbulent blow outs and rapid passages. All these elements are contrasting with lyrical and soft excerpts of his improvisations. Huge range of different playing techniques are fused together with musical experiments, special effects, unusual sounds, spontaneous solos and inventive musical decisions. The marvelous synthesis of all these music elements create an interesting sound and make an effort to whole sound of the album. Craig Taborn improvisations have dynamic and rich sound. The piano, keyboards and organ sounds are mixed together with electronics in various compositions. Improviser demonstrates his inventive and universal playing style and the ability to switch between different music styles, manners and expressions. His improvisations have many different musical language elements – music gets from the touching, rapid, energetic and striking solos, free improvisations, spontaneous musical decisions to the silent, subtle and peaceful excerpts filled with special effects, wide range of electronics playing techniques, organic and natural synthesis between electronics and acoustics. Inventive and impressive playing, free and creative improvising make a vibrant and interesting sound. Dave Holland bass improvisations are based on subtle and peaceful solos, repetitive rhythmic, monotonic sounds and timbres whjich suddenly grow to expressive, loud, vibrant, intensive and turbulent culminations. The main aim of his music is to create organic, colorful and marvelous synthesis between different playing techniques, moods, expressions and sounds. All these elements are fused together naturally and gently fit together with other instruments. Ches Smith percussion section – colorful and bright. Wide range of different rhythmic forms, various rhythms of modern and avant-garde jazz styles are merged together – rapid and powerful drum rolls, subtle and monotonic base lines, virtuosic and expressive arpeggios and wide range of colorful ,unusual and strange percussion timbres is just little part of dozens of different playing techniques, manners and expressions, which are used by this percussionist. The msuic of this album has a remarkable, interesting, expressive and original sound.

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