Jon Irabagon – “Dr. Quixotic’s Traveling Exotics” (Irabbagast Records, 2018)

“Dr. Quixotic’s Traveling Exotics” was recently released by “Irabbagast Records”. Album was recorded by Jon Irabagon (tenor saxophone), Tim Hagans (trumpet), Luis Perdomo (piano), Yasushi Nakamura (bass) and Rudy Royston (drums). This is a group of masterful and creative avant-garde jazz masters. Each of them has their own and specific way of improvising, unique playing manner and remarkable sound. Jon Irabagon saxophone improvisations are especially expressive and touching. Musician is the master of synthesizing together absolutely different playing styles, expressions and characters. His music is balancing between lengthy, vivacious and memorable melodies, expressive and touching solos, passionate and free improvisations and drastic stylistic turns between modern and avant-garde jazz styles. Tim Hagans trumpet improvisations usually are bright and loud. Musician has vivid and expressive playing manner. His improvisations are based on spontanoeus solos, turbulent and vibrant blow outs and dynamic rhythmic. Luis Perdomo piano improvisations are based on free and spontaneous improvising. All kinds of rhythms and sounds, spontaneous and interesting musical decisions, passionate and evocative playing manner, all basics of free improvisation and avant-garde jazz are the most important elements of his improvising. Yashushi Nakamura is an outstanding avant-garde jazz bassist. His music is full of extravagant and interesting musical decisions, has rich and evocative musical language and dozens of different playing techniques. Rudy Royston drums improvisations also are based on free and spontaneous improvising, bright, turbulent, energetic and rapid sound. He has his own playing techniques, unique sound and the masterful ability to fuse together different rhythms and expressions.

The music of their newest album is based on free improvisations, original and inventive musical decisions, bright and loud sound, turbulent and and powerful bursts of energy and dramatic culminations. Each musician is trying out new and interesting ways of playing, likes to express different moods and characters and experiment in all fields of musical language. Expressive and vivacious saxophone solos by Jon Irabagon are filled with vivid, striking and contrasting solos. Especially wild and rapid passages, stylistic turns, jumps to the different registres of instruments, passionate and vivacious melodies are gently connected together with soft, subtle and peaceful episodes. This music is full of colorful contrasts and expressive improvising. Tim Hagan trumpet solos are bright and energetic. It’s full of wild fast and expressive solos, passionate melodies, bright and turbulent solos, powerful and vibrant blow outs and other elements. Luis Perdomo piano improvisations bring the sound of various modern and traditional jazz styles. His music is balancing between free improvisations, turbulent and spontaneous solos, sharp, aggressive and expressive bebop, hard-bop, neo-bop and other modern styles elements and the intonations of contemporary and traditional jazz. Piano improvisations are very moody and expressive – from the swingy and lengthy traditional jazz solos it suddenly gets to turbulent, free and expressive free improvisations. Bass melodies by Yasushi Nakamura have marvelous and interesting sound. Great bassist tries out new and innovative ways of playing, fuses together contrasting layers, playing techniques and unusual sounds. His improvisations have dynamic, colorful, vibrant and effective sound. Drums section is leaded by Rudy Royston. Outstanding drummer has especially expressive playing manner, original and passionate sound. his improvisations are the sets of various basic rhythmic forms of various jazz styles, colorful and inventive musical decisions and huge amount of musical expressions, playing techniques and other elements. Static and calm traditional jazz rhythms organically and effectively fit together with virtuosic, rapid, aggressive and expressive bebop and free improvisation. The musician are getting different pieces all together in one place. His rhythmic section is based on contrasts and specific musical decisions – roaring, aggressive, expressive and rapid solos, turbulent and dramatic free improvisations, loud and powerful drum rolls, virtuosic arpeggios, colorful and unusual percussion sounds and timbres and many other elements help musicians to create solid, firm and effective rhythmic section. This album is a marvelous and effective synthesis between free, contemporary, modern and traditional jazz styles. It has expressive, remarkable and interesting sound.

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