Chris Burn / Simon H. Fell – “Continuous Fragments” (Bruce’s Fingers, 2018)

“Continuous Fragments” is an EP release – it was recently released by “Bruce’s Fingers”. It’s a short, but interesting album, which was recorded by Chris Burn (piano) and Simon H. Fell (double bass). Both musicians are interesting and creative improvisers. Their music usually has an abstract musical pattern, is based on spontaneous and evocative musical decisions and musical experiments. Chris Burn piano music is based on synthesis between various stylistic combinations and contrasts. Free jazz, experimental jazz and other avant-garde jazz styles are organically combined together with modern jazz styles and contemporary academical music intonations. He has expressive and vivacious playing manner – the main elements ofhis improvisations is search of new and unusual timbres, especially colorful and bright musical language and sharp harmony. He also has expressive and passiona\te playing manner. Simon H. Fell double bass improvisations are totally based on free improvisation and avant-garde jazz elements. Free structure and form ,sharp and colorful harmony, expressive and passionate playing manner, contrasting and eclectic musical decisions and interesting combinations – all these elements are the basics of his improvisations. Both musicians are try9ing out new ways of playing and like brave, noisy and interesting musical experiments in all fields of musical language.

The msuic od this album is based on free improvisation. Unusual sounds, spontaneous and bright solos, expressive and passionate playing manner, original and inventive musical decisions, sudden changes and truns of styles and characters – all these elements make an effort to whole sound of the album. Both musicians are trying out different musical expressions, sounds and characters. Their music has contrasting, sharp, vibrant and colorful sound. Piano improvisations by Chris Burn are filled with huge range of different musical language elements. Virtuosic and expressive solos, wild fast solos, expressive and vivacious melodies, aggressive, sharp and provocative chords, played separately from each other, dynamic rhythmic and many other elements bring expressive and interesting sound to his improvisations. Musician masterfully fuse together sharp and aggresive solos, dynamic rhythmic and abstract, soft and calm episodes. He’s the master of free improvisation and creation of contrasts. Each episode of his improvisations has its own character, sound and playing manner. The masterful combination of loud and silent, calm and bright, emotional and passionate, sharp and very soft and vivacious or playful solos is heard in his improvisations. Colorful and bright arpeggios, wild fast passages, separate chords and weird sounds, loud and aggressive jumps to different sections and registres, glissandos and many other traditional playing techniques are gently combined together with own and experimental ways of playing. Simon H. Fell double bass improvisations have effective and interesting sound. It’s also based on contrasts and eclectic combinations. From the subtle, peaceful and silent solos, repetitive and deep bass lines double bass melodies flow to the dramatic and expressive culminations, loud and turbulent solos, vivacious and striking melodies and spontaneous solos. His music is gorgeously illustrated by huge variety of weird and colorful timbres and sounds. Musician masterfully fuses together many different playing techniques, traditional and experimental ways of playing – his music has unpredictable, passionate, effective and vibrant sound. The music of this album has rich, bright and remarkable sound.

One thought on “Chris Burn / Simon H. Fell – “Continuous Fragments” (Bruce’s Fingers, 2018)”

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