Extra Large Unit – “More Fun, Please” (PNL Records, 2018)

“More Fun, Please” was released recently released by “PNL Records”. Album was recorded by famous and remarkable jazz ensemble “Extra Large Unit”. All the members of this ensemble are famous and interesting jazz masters – it’s Klaus Holm ( Alto Saxophone, Bb Clarinet), Mats Äleklint (trombone), Per Åke Holmlander (tuba), Jon Rune Strøm (acoustic bass), Christian Meaas Svendsen (acoustic bass), Tommi Keránen (electgronics, conduction), Andreas Wildhagen (drums), Paal Nilssen-Love (drums, conduction), Julie Helgeland Davidsen (flute, picolo flute), Reindert Spanhove (tenor saxophone), Markus Dvergastein (guitar), Tor nn Hofstad (violin), Maria Quevedo Meloni (cello), Rebekka Eikefet (cello), Torstein Johansen (acoustic bass), Håkon Bjørgo (acoustic bass), atia Chikovani (piano), Joao Grilo (piano), Shayila Mahestuti (piano), Ásta Sof a Thorrgeirsdóttir (accordion), Mykola Sheremeta (accordion), Kalle Moberg (accordion), Richard Köster (trumpet, conduction), Edo Hayek (french horn), Eirik Sanner (euphonium), Mats Hägerlind (trombone), Magnus Breivik Løvseth (tuba) and Torgrim Halse (percussion). The music played by this ensemble, is always full of interesting musical decisions and has bright, loud, vibrant and expressive sound. Musicians are improvising expressively and with passion. Their improvisations have especially loud, turbulent, vibrant and vivacious sound for the most of the time. Sudden and eclectic stylistic combinations, original waves and turns, emotional and expressive playing, bright, powerful, turbulent and evocative sound – all these elements are gently combined together.

The compositions of this album have interesting and original sound. The collective improvisations are based on avant-garde jazz elements and its synthesis with modern jazz styles. Bebop, post-bop, hard-bop, neo-bop and other similar modern jazz styles are gently combined together in one place with creative, free and various styles of experimental jazz. Musicians are trying out new and innnovative playing techniques, explore new and unusual sounds and timbres. The most effective and turbulent episodes of these improvisations are evocative, bright, loud and turbulent improvisations illustrated with roaring and rigorous blow outs, colorful and playful passages, dissonances, sharp and aggressive harmony and dynamic rhythmic. The harmony of the compositions are based on sharp chords which are ,made by using unusual compilations and sounds. Sharp and aggressive harmony make the sound more dramatic and expressive. The rhythmic section is solid and independent – drummers are trying out many different playing techniques and rhythms – Afroamerican, West Africa music rhythms are gently combined together with traditional rhythmic forms of Western Europe music and free improvisatgions of avant-garde jazz. The melodic section is extremely bright and loud. Expressive and vivacious reeds solos, aggressive, rigorous, turbulent and sharp blow outs, marvelous and remarkable riffs, bright, rapid and spontaneous solos and the excerpts of more subtle and calm music – all these elements are organically synthesized in one place. This music is based on contrasts and sudden changes – expressive, wild fast, rapid and active reeds solos are strongly contrasting with solid, deep, calm and static tuba and trombone melodies. The piano melodies make a vivacious and vibrant sound – it’s full of unusual sounds, sharp chords, furiously fast passages, marvelous and remarkable melodies and stylistic waves. The accordions gently fit together with all the instruments – this instrument sound isn’t frequently used in jazz music and bring unusual, eclectic and interesting combination with piano and other instruments. String music is full of dramatic melodies and expressive solos – from playful and subtle pizzicato this music suddenly gets to dramatic, shrieky and especially culminations. Various types of scales and harmonies, sounds, timbres and huge variety of different playing techniques – all kinds of different musical language elements are used in these compositions. The organic and masterful synthesis of huge range of musical language elements, expressive, inventive and passionate improvising, innovative musical experiments make a remarkable and interesting sound of this album.

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