Fred Lonberg-Holm|Simon Camatta – “crazy notions” (Umland Records, 2018)

“crazy notions” was released on April 4, 2018 by “Umland Records”. That’s another one great album recorded by a duo – Fred Longberg-Holm (cello) and Simon Camatta (drums). Their improvisations have interesting and expressive sound, are based on synthesis between various music styles and expresssions. Fred Longberg-Holm plaing style is based on sound experiments and huge variety of modern and innovative musical expressions. He tries out new ways of playing, combines together traditional and innovative musical expressions, contrasting dynamics, unusual timbres and fascinating musical experiments. Great synthesis between free improvisation, experimental jazz, modern jazz styles and soft intonations of academic avant-garde and experimental music make his music bright and evocative. Simon Camatta playing is usually based on very expressive, loud, rapid and energetic solos. Musician extracts various unusual sounds, searches for new and evocative ways of playing. Basic rhythmic formulas of bebop, post-bop, hard-bop, other modern jazz styles are connected together with free improvisation, spontaneous and rapid solos, unpredictable stylistic waves and moods. Both musicians are famous in avant-garde jazz scene – they had been improvsing together with other great avant-garde jazz masters.

The compositions of this album have bright and modern sound. Active and rapid solos, dynamic rhythmic, colorful harmony, dozens of various experimental and traditional playing techniques, innovative musical expressions, bright and polyphonic musical language, all kinds of scales, dissonance and sharp chords contain the basics of this music. The improvisations by each musician are independent and separate from each other – it has its own character, sound, timbres, playing manners and musical language. All these elements are gently combined together in one place. The huge variety of contrasting playing ways and expressions are used silmunateously and are organicaly joined together. Musicians are improvising with passion, very emotionally and vivaciously. Their improvisations have dynamic, expressive, vivd, striking, evocative and colorful sound. It’s also full of surprises and sudden changes – the sound never stays the same, it’s changing and get new colors and tones all the time. Fred Longberg-Holm cello have especially vibrant, remarkable and impressive solos. Especially passionate, expressive, vivacious and rapid passages, silent and lively pizzicato, colorful glissando, monotonic and repetitive bass line tones, sharp and weird sounds, vibrant and turbulent solos – these elements are just a little part of these improvisations. Improviser masterfully travels and switches between free and turbulent improvisation, silent and subtle solos, vibrant and dynamic solos, loud and dramatic culminations, sound experiments, special effects and innovative playing techniques. Even though these elements are used silmunateously, the music has its own system and not turn into a simply chaos – each new timbre, tone or other element of musical language bring new and interesting color to the sound. Impressive and passionate improvising of Fred Longberg – Holm makes an effort to whole sound. Simon Camatta drums improvisations are independent and also especially dynamic and vivid. Drummer masterfully tries out new ways of playing, extracts many different new timbres and sound. His music also is full of unpredictable changes and sounds – musician masterfully join together the main rhythmic forms of bebop, post-bop, modal jazz, hard-bop, Africa music rhythmic and spontaneous solos. This music has interesting and marvelous sound, which was made by two creative and great jazz masters.


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