Bedmakers – “Tribute to an Imaginary Folk Band” (Mr Morezon, 2018)

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“Tribute to an Imaginary Folk Band”was released this year by “Mr Morezon” label. Interesting and vivacious album was recorded by “Bedmakers”. “Bedmakers” quartet is formed by four outstanding musicians – Robin Fincker (tenor saxophone, clarinet), Mathieu Werchowski (violin), Pascal Niggenkemper (double bass) and Fabien Duscombs (drums). The music of “Bedmakers” has modern and interesting sound. All musicians of the quartet have their own and original playing style. Eclectic and original synthesis between avant-garde jazz, experimental music, American folk music, various modern jazz styles and the intonations of contemporary experimental music make a high effort to whole sound. “Bedmakers” and all four musicians of this quartet had became famous in avant-garde jazz scene. They are playing together with many other famous and outstanding jazz masters such as Bill Frisell, Evan Parker, Hilmar Jensson, Vincent Courtois, John Tchicai, Jérome Noetinger, Lionel Marchetti, Anne-Julie Rollet and many others. The music of “Bedmakers” always is full of unpredictable and sudden stylistic waves, turns, spontaneous solos and have a vivacious, expressive and interesting sound.

The compositions of the newest album are based on avant-garde jazz, American folk music and modern jazz styles synthesis. The eclectic and interesting combination between folk and avant-garde jazz create contrasting and evocative sound of this album. Playful, memorable, simple and ordinary American folk music melodies are masterfully combined together with turbulent and free collective improvisations. Masterful combinations of different playing manners, styles, expressions, dynamics, rhythms and other elements of musical language show the talent and ability of masterful improvising of all quartet members. Robin Fincker saxophone and clarinet melodies are full of contrasts and are mostly based on avant-garde jazz. Wild fast solos, original stylistic turns, colorful and sharp harmony, dissonances, huge variety of different playing techniques, sound experiments, unusual timbres, viviacious and playful solos which grow to harsh and franky improvisations – all these elements are the main basics of his improvisations. Mathieu Werchowski violin melodies bring many elements of American folk music and very soft intonations of contemporary academical music which are fused together with experimental jazz. Simple structure, memorable and colorful melodies, repetitive melodic and rhythmic elements, all the basics of folk music, soft and classical harmony schemes are gently and organically combined together with sharp and furious dissonances, wild fast and furious passages, creative and brave musical experiments and free improvisations. Pascal Niggenkemper double bass keep firm and solid bass line and illustrate the melodic pattern. Musician masterfully switches between bebop, post-bop, hard-bop, other modern jazz intonations and all the basic avant-garde jazz elements. His playing gently suits together with folk music – repetitive, deep and monotonic rhythms form the bright and strong bass line and accent the contrasts between these two absolutely different music styles. Virtuosic and masterful passages, soft, vivacious and expressive pizzicato, colorful glissando, free and turbulent improvisations, vibrant solos, vivid and striking melodies or melodic, memorable and simple folk melodies – all these elements are organically synthesized together in Pascal Niggenkemper music. Fabien Duscombs drums section is colorful and expressive. From the dynamic, rapid, aggressive, turbulent and free collective improvisations he masterfully gets to silent, lyric, nostalgic, simple and typical folk music rhythmic. Outstanding, expressive, energetic and inventive improvising, eclectic and interesting synthesis between different music styles bring original and interesting sound to this album.

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