Matt Piett & His Disorganisation – “Rummage Out” (Clean Feed, 2018)

“Rummage Out” was released this year by “Clean Feed Records”. Album was recorded by “Matt Piett & His Disorganisation” – this ensemble is consisted by creative and interesting jazz musicians. Matt Piet (piano), Josh Berman (cornet), Nick Mazzarella (alto saxophone) and Tim Daisy (drums and percussion). Four different and creative musicians have a tendency to blend many different music styles all in one place. The elements of avant-garde jazz, experimental and modern jazz styles, the intonations of traditional jazz styles – all these elements are gently combined together with colorful and individual playing manners and unique sound by each improviser. These four musicians had been improvising together many times – their music is touching, expressive and dynamic. Musicians pay the highest attention to musical experiments and are willing to create original and interesting sound. Inventive ways of playing, spontaneous and expressive solos, rich and evocative musical language, sudden changes of musical language and expressions – all these elements help the musicians to create evocative and energetic sound.

The compositions of this album are based on creative and free improvisations. Dynamic rhythmic, colorful harmony, sharp and harsh sounds, unusual and strange timbres, expressive and touching solos, special sound effects – these and many other elements which are not mentionned here, make an effort to whole album sound. Rich and evocative musical language is based on many different msucial patterns, free improvisation and individual improvisations by each musicians. Abstract and concrete musical patterns are highly contrasting with each other. Memorable, sharp and expressive melodies, vivacious and striking solos are gently combined together with separate sounds, weird noises and short melodic episodes which aren’t connected with each other. Matt Piett piano improvisations bring colorful, sharp and contrasting sound to improvisations. After the sharp and wild fast passages, aggressive dissonances, repetitive and monotonic rhythmic there comes comes silent and peaceful solos, which have much in common with traditional and modern jazz. Turbulent and free collective improvisations are totally based on all the main avant-garde jazz and modern jazz synthesis. The cornet melodies by Josh Berman are filled with bright and solos, have expressive and interesting sound. Unusual timbres, special sound effects, huge range of different playing techniques, musical expressions and other elements of musical language are gently connected together. Nick Mazzarella alto saxophone improvisations are filled with many different playing techniques, innovative ways of playing, expressive and rich musical language. Virtuosic and sharp solos, wild fast and furious passages, impressive and fascinating musical experiments are highly contrasting with soft, static and peaceful solos. Tim Daisy drums and percussion sections are very dynamic and filled with gorgeous and unusual timbres. Powerful drum rolls, turbulent and fast solos, vibrant tremolos, various basic rhythmic formulas of bebop, post-bop, other moern and traditional jazz styles organically fit together with other instruments and are colorfully illustrated by impressive and interesting percussion sounds. This album music is the synthesis between many different jazz styles – expressive, energetic and turbulent avant-garde jazz improvisations are connected together with typical elements of bebop, post-bop, hard-bop, other modern, traditional and contemporary jazz styles. The musicians are improvising differently – their improvisations are highly contrasting with each other. The masterful and organic synthesis between various jazz styles, musical expressions, impressive sound experiments and innovative improvising creates original and interesting sound.


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