The Third Sound Ensemble|Sooyun Kim| Joshua Rubin|Karen Kim|Michael Nicolas| Orion Weiss|Patrick Castillo – ” Wang Lu: Urban Inventory” (New Focus Recordings, 2018)

Wang Lu: Urban Inventory” was released this month by “New Focus Recordings”. The compositions by interesting academic avant-garde composer Wang Lu were recorded by a group of creative musicians – it’s “The Third Sound Ensemble”, Sooyun Kim (flute), Joshua Rubin (clarinet), Karen Kim (violin), Michael Nicolas (cello), Orion Weiss (piano) and Patrick Castillo (conductor). Wang Lu is China composer and pianist. The main fields of her compositions are chamber music, compositions for various instrument compilations and chamber ensembles. The organic synthesis between China ethnic music, melodic and rhythmic intonations, the traditions of Western European music, academic avant-garde, modern chamber music and other similar contemporary academical music styles are mixed together in one place. Composer has interesting and evocative musical language, which is full of many different playing techniques, expressions, special sound effects and intonations of various music styles. The main elements of contemporary classical music, academic avant-garde, experimental music, field recordings and electronic music are masterfully combined together in one place. All these elements create evocative, expressive and vivacious sound. The synthesis with China’s ethnic music, its melodies, rhythms and chords, makes exotic, eclectic and innovative equation with Western Europe music elements. The elements of different cultures, sounds, scales, rhythms, modern and traditional ways of playing, forms and expressions help the composer to create fascinating and expressive sound. The combinations between different and contrasting cultures make the contrasting, bright, striking and dynamic sound of Wang Lu compositions. Young, talented and evocative composer is searching for hew own and evocative composing style and finally creates modern, fabulous and expressive sound.

The compositions of this album are especially expressive, contrasting and full of eclectic combinations. AThe compositions were masterfully interpreted by a group of talented musicians. All of them reveal the main elements of Wang Lu composing style and make effective and passionate sound. The compositions are based on synthesis between Chinese and European music. Academic avant-garde, contemporary academical music, experimental music, the intonations of electronic music and modern Chinese classical music are gently synthesized together in one place. The compositions have rich and expressive musical language. Expressive, touching, dynamic and virtuosic solos, rapid passages, free form and structure, colorful and innovative instrumentation, memorable and vivacious melodies, huge range of unusual playing techniques and special sound effects contain the main basics of these compositions. This music is full of contrasts – after soft, memorable, vivacious and playful flutes solos there suddenly comes harsh and deep brasses or joyful and expressive reeds. Peaceful and relaxing solos of one or several instruments grow to powerful, dramatic and turbulent culminations. Drums and percussion fanfars, loud arpeggios, sudden and colorful glissando of various instruments, soft and silent pizzicato and many other traditional playing techniques are connected together with experimental and innovative waus of playing. The imitations of various sounds of nature, wide range of different moods, characters and expressions, colorful and gorgeous musical background – all these elements make an effort to whole sound of album. Masterful, creative, reasonable and inventive instrumentation is the main element which effects all sound. Composer masterfully combines in one place different, contrasting and inventive playing techniques, engage the musicians to search and extract new and extraordinary timbres. The music of this album has innovative, expressive, passionate, dynamic and interesting sound.

2 thoughts on “The Third Sound Ensemble|Sooyun Kim| Joshua Rubin|Karen Kim|Michael Nicolas| Orion Weiss|Patrick Castillo – ” Wang Lu: Urban Inventory” (New Focus Recordings, 2018)”

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