Jozef Dumoulin & Orca Noise Unit – “A Beginner’s Guide to Diving and Flying” (Yolk Records, 2018)

“A Beginner’s Guide to Diving and Flying” was released this year by “Yolk Records”. Album was recorded by Jozef Dumoulin “Orca Noise Unit” which members are Jozef Dumoulin (piano), Bruno Chevillon (contrebass), Toma Gouband (percussion), Sylvaine Helary (flutes) and Antonin Tri Hoang (saxophone). Five musicians have their own and different playing style. It’s based on unique methods of playing, original and interesting musical decisions, free and expressive improvising and many other elements. Huge range of musical expressions, synthesis between free jazz and contemporary academical music and free imrpovisations – all these elements are the basics of these five musicians improvisations. Musicians succesfully manage to switch between contemporary academical music, academic avant-garde, experimental music, avant-garde jazz, modern jazz and even various styles of contemporary or traditional jazz. Their music is always turning and twisting in various unpredictable changes, moods, characters and other musical language elements – musicians are free and innovative masters, which connect in one place different playing manners, styles and playing techniques.

This album compositions are based on various jazz styles and intonations of contemporary academical music. The melodies of each instruments are independent, have unique and extraordinary sound. The music is based on free and polyphonic musical pattern. It’s formed by many different music styles – its basics are the main elements of avant-garde jazz, which is synthesized with bebop, post-bop, hard-bop, contemporary academical music and experimental music. The compositions don’t have a strict structure and form – it’s based on free, spontaneous and energetic improvisations. Five experienced and talented jazz masters are improvising interesting and expressive. Together they create dynamic, especially expressive, energetic and active sound. Piano melodies by Jozef Dumoulin are moody, colorful and expressive. Huge range of different playing manners and innovative methods of playing help the improviser to create dynamic and evocative sound. He tries out many different ways of playing, extract various contrasting moods, use huge amount of evocative musical expressions. Vivacious, expressive, glamorous, energetic and dynamic solos are connected together with soft, subtle, deep and silent episodes. Piano improvisations are constantly changing, have interesting melodic section, firm rhythmic basement and colorful harmony. Various flutes melodies by Sylvaine Helary bring vivacious, soft, joyful and passionate sound. Virtuosic and touching passages, wild fast and rapid solos, huge amount of musical expressions, expressive and passionate improvising make an effort to whole sound and bring more colors to its pattern. Contrebass improvisations by Bruno Chevillon are based on deep, vibrant and contrasting improvising. Silent, deep and calm solos are connected together with emotional, passionate and virtuosic solos, expressive and active melodies, unusual timbres and sound. Improviser extract various extraordianry timbres and sound by using innovative ways of playing. Dynamic and active saxophone improvisations by Antonin Tri Hoang bring live and many contrasts to whole sound. H emasterfully swtiches between free, turbulent and active collective improvisations, vivacious, playful and joyful solos, expressive and dramatic culminations and silent, effective and organic episodes. All these elements are fused together masterfully in his improvisations. These instruments form the solid, firm, effective and active melodic section which is colorfully illustrated by percussion. Toma Gouband marvelously manages the percussion section – improviser use many different playing techniques, experimental ways of playing and extract unusual and colorful timbres and sounds, All these elements colorfully illustrate the melodic pattern and form strong rhythmic basement. The most effective episodes of this album are the collective improvisations – this is the place, there all five musicians are improvising inventively, free and expressive. This album has dynamic, effective and interesting sound.

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