Taylor Ho Bynum & Mark Dresser – “THB Bootlegs Volume 4: Duo with Mark Dresser” (SR, 2018)

“THB Bootlegs Volume 4: Duo with Mark Dresser” was released February 26, 2018. This is the fourth album of “THB Bootlegs” series. This album was recorded by Taylor Ho Bynum (cornet) and Mark Dresser (acoustic bass). These two musicians are interesting and original avant-garde jazz masters. They try out new and innovative ways of playing, extended playing techniques, original and inventive musical decisions. Expressive, passionate and vivacious improvising, unique and specific sound, vivid and innovative musical language, different playing manners – all these elements form the basics of the musicians improvising style. Mark Dresser and Taylor Ho Bynum had been playing together many times before – even though their improvisations are based on absolutely different musical expressions and elements, they are organically synthesized together in one place. Both of them form their improvising style from various music styles – avant-garde jazz, bebop, hard-bop, cool, creative, free-jazz and other intonations of various jazz styles are organically synthesized together with some intonations of contemporary academical music and academic avant-garde. Their compositions are always based on free improvisation, avant-garde jazz and various experimental jazz styles. Experimental methods of playing, high variety of different expressions, rhythms, unusual timbres and other elements of musical language are the most important elements of these two musicians improvisations.

The newest album is based on avant-garde jazz and free collective improvisations. The duo improvisations are free, expressive, vivacious and vivid. Sudden and spontaneous changes, turns and twists of music styles, moods and characters create bright, expressive and dynamic sounds. Both musicians are improvising spontaneously and free – they use innovative, extraordinary and original playing techniques, experiment in all ways of musical language, 4search the new ways to extract unusual and strange timbres. This music is very dynamic and active – it always changing, switches to new mood, character or playing manner. Taylor Ho Bynum cornet improvisations are dynamic, vivid and evocative. From expressive, vivacious, length and joyful solos to dramatic and turbulent culminations, active and extremely rapid passages, furious and powerful blow outs or silent, soft and subtle episodes – it’s very hard to predict which playing manner or mood will be used. All these different moods, characters, expressions and playing techniques are gently combined together. Taylor Ho Bynum put together different and contrasting episodes – loud, powerful, dramatic and turbulent episodes are put against silent, peaceful and lyric episodes, which suddenly get to vivacious and playful improvisations or drmatic culminations. Mark Dresser acoustic bass improvisations are vibrant, deep and dynamic. Huge range of different and strange timbres, special sound effects colorfully illustrate soft, subtle or expressive, vivacious and loud melodies which are also based on contrasts. Dynamic and unpredictable melodies, which are filled with contrasting moods and playing techniques, gently fit together with cornet and also form a strong bass line. The improvisations by Mark Dresser are full of contrasts, musical experiments, special sound effects and huge range of different playing techniques. Both musicians create expressive, interesting and dynamic melodies, which are independent and contrasting with each other. Very colorful and bright background, which is consisted of huge amount of unusual and strange timbres, highly effects whole sound of the compositions – bring many colors, timbres and make the sound more energetic, live and dynamic. Bright and evocative musical language and masterful improvising create expressive and innovative sound of this album.

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