Veston Weryan – “The Make Project” (Barnyard Records, 2018)

Weston, Veryan: The Make Project (Barnyard)

“The Make Project” was released this year by “Canterbury Music Company”. Album was recorded by Veryan Weston (piano), Jean Martin (drums), Christine Duncan (vocal conduction), Felicity Williams (solo voice), Alex Smaras (solo voice), Jesse Zubot (violin), Joshua Zubot (violin), Anna Atkinson (viola) and Andrew Dawning (bass, cello). All these musicians are the masters of experimental music, free improvisation, avant-garde jazz and contemporary academical music scene. All the different and contrasting elements are gently fused together in their improvisations. Their improvising style always switches somewhere between avant-garde jazz, free improvisation and contemporary academical music. Musicians try out many different playing techniques, use inventive and original musical decisions, create a solid, firm and dtrong harmonic and melodic line, interesting rhythmic. Even though they are using huge range of various playing techniques, expressions and other elements of musical language, each element has its own proper place in their music and organically connects together with the others. The changes of moods and characters, free and collective improvisations, fascinating musical experiments and many other things form the basement of their playing style. Together they create colorful, rich and modern musical language, which is dynamic and constantly changing.

The compositions of their newest album have expressive and interesting sound. Variable, dynamic and expressive piano melodies, voices, soft and colorful strings, solid and deep sounds of cello and bass and dynamic drums form effective and evocative sound of this album. The main and the most important part of these improvisations is vocal improvisations. Felicity Williams and Alex Smaras voices marvelously fit together and are full of colorful timbres and evocative musical decisions. Soft, subtle and silent melodies are connected together with original, expressive and vivacious pieces, unusual sounds and timbres. Musicians try out many different voice playing techniques – along with traditional and usual methods they fuse experimental and innovative ways of playing. Though for the most of the time their playing is somewhere between free improvisation and contemporary academical music, the culmination of the album turns out to free, turbulent and effective avant-garde jazz improvisations. Their melodies are based on various elements of musical language – strict form, firm structure, traditional rhythms of Western Europe music are gently fused together with bebop, hard-bop, avant-garde jazz and free improvisation elements. Voice melodies and improvisations are the main and very important elements of this album which effect whole sound of the album and make it colorful and bright. Piano, violins, viola,cello, bass and drums melodies and rhythms are also very important. Each musician is playing individualy and independently – they try out many different playing techniques, are experimenting in all ways of musical language. Soft and subtle piano solos, evocative and dramatic violins, melodic and viola, deep and strong bass line, leaded by cello and bass, dynamic and expressive rhythmic – all these elements are gently connected together and bring more contrasts, live and energy to the compositions. The culmination of the album is the composition “Tesselattions IV”. This composition is the most interesting and effective – independent melodies, rhythms and musical expressions are connected in one effective, colorful and expressive collective improvisation. This album has colorful, evocative and dynamic sound.

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