Dan Phillips Trio – “Divergent Flow” (Lizard Breath Records, 2018)

“Divergent Flow” was released on March 1, 2018 by “Lizard Breath Records”. Album was recorded by “Dan Philips Trio” which members are interesting and original jazz masters – it’s Dan Phillips (guitar), Krzysztof Pabian (double bass) and Tim Daisy (drums). All three jazz musicians have their own and unique playing styles, which are gently combined together with inventive and creative ideas, innovative and expressive improvising and unique sound. Dan Philips is an avant-garde jazz guitarist. His playing style is based on avant-garde jazz and various rock styles synthesis. Fascinating solos, vibrant and deep melodies, repetitive and monotonic bass line and spontaneous improvising are gently combined together in his improvisations. Krzysztof Pabian is a double bass player and creative improviser. He pay high attention to the sound experiments, search of new and werid timbres, use innovative and extravagant musical decisions. The playing style is based on cintrasts and the elements of various jazz styles – subtle melodies, dynamic and expressive rhythmic, fascinating solos and unusual timbres are the main elements of his playing style. Tim Daisy is famous avant-garde jazz drummer. Loud and powerful drum rolls, deep and vibrant rhythmic line, astonishing and marvelous solos, unique sound, inventive improvising, tendency to use and connect together absolutely different playing techniques, put together the opposite rhythms and playing techniques – all these elements make his improvisations sound into interesting and vivacious. Musicians had been improvising together many times – as a trio and also with other famous jazz masters.

The compositions of this album are based on spontaneous and free improvising. Three musicians are improvising bright, deep and passionate. The elements of rock, avant-garde jazz, bebop, hard-bop, contemporary jazz and fusion are organically combined together in these improvisations. The compositions have dynamic and contrasting sound, are based on different and independent improvisations by each player. The variety of different musical expressions, rhythms, sounds and other musical language elements create rich and colorful musical pattern and sound. Dan Philips guitar improvisations are filled with loud, vibrant, powerful and fascinating solos, virtuosic passages, wild fast and furious riffs, which are illustrated with sharp and aggressive sound or are very subtle and calm. Dan Philips music is very variable, constantly changing and dynamic. He masterfully put together loud, expressive, passionate and vivacious improvisations, turbulent and free solos, subtle, peaceful and silent solos and other elements. The rhythmic is also colorful and dynamic – sometimes it’s monotonic and slow, has all the main elements of contemporary jazz or fusion, sometimes it’s turns to the opposite direction – to the dynamic, vivacious and striking rhythmic and other main elements of experimental jazz. Krzysztof Pabian double bass improvisations have subtle and calm sound for the most of the time. Peaceful, silent and subtle solos, monotonic rhythmic, lyric and soft mood are highly contrasting with extravagant and expressive guitar solos. Tim Daisy drums improvisations are very expressive, variable and create a solid basic of avant-garde jazz. Tim Daisy improvisations always have the main elements and sound of experimental jazz – he masterfully tries out and combines together many different playing techniques, unusual timbres, weird sounds and huge range of rhythmic formulas. The music of this album switch between avant-garde jazz, fusion, rock, contemporary and modern jazz. Each musician has its own playing style, which is based on different playing styles, music genres and manners. The variety of moods, expressions, characters and playing techniques, masterful and organic synthesis of different musical language elements and expressive and extraordinary improvising create innovative sound of this album.


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