Dave Liebman | Adam Rudolph |Tatsuya Nakatani – “Unknowable” (Rare Noise, 2018)

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“Unknowable” was released on February 23, 2018 by “Rare Noise Records”. Album was recorded by three jazz masters – Dave Liebman (flute, saxophone), Adam Rudolph (percussion, drums) and Tatsuya Nakatani (percussion). These three interesting and experienced jazz masters, sound artists, composers and experimenters have original and interesting playing style. Different ideas and basic elements of experimental jazz, creative, free-jazz, bebop, post-bop, hard-bop and other jazz styles are gently combined together in one place. Dave Liebman playing style is expressive, passionate and active – it’s based on contrasts, virtuosic solos, colorful and vivacious passages, outstanding and fascinating blow outs, soft, gorgeous and subtle flute solos and many other music elements. The two percussionists – Adam Rudolph and Tatsuya Nakatani – had been improvising together many times before as a duet, and also with other famous jazz masters. Their duos always have effective, interesting and glamorous sound. Japan music intonations, rhythms, harmonies, melodic intonations and other elements are gently combined together with strict European music structure, various rhythmic formulas, free improvisations and many other musical language elements. The improvisations by these three musicians always have vivacious, vivid and expressive sound.

The compositions of “Unknowable” are based on synthesis between various music styles. The traditions of European and Japan avant-garde jazz, experimental music, field recordings, sound experiments are synthesized together with modern jazz styles. Musicians are experimenting in all ways of musical language – they search for new timbres, sounds and noises. Trying out of new and innovative playing techniques, musical expressions and expressing different moods also is very important for these three improvisers. The synthesis of moods, characters, playing techniques, expressions, dynamics, rhythms, Europe and Asian countries, academic avant-garde and experimental jazz form whole sound of the album. Rich musical language, colorful rhythmic, original and interesting harmony make an effort to improvisations musical pattern and sound. Soft flutes melodies and expressive saxophone solos by Dave Liebman are filled with contrasts and dynamic melodies. He gently fuses and combines together gorgeous and subtle flute melodies, passionate, energetic and loud saxophone melodies, wild fast and virtuosic passages and arpeggios, subtle, lyric and slow solos and many other elements. All these contrasting melodies are gently combined together in one place and illustrated with huge range of unusual timbres, special sound effects and weird noises. Dave Liebman tries out experimental and new ways of playing and masterfully combines them with simple and traditional playing techniques. Avant-garde jazz, bebop, Japan native music melodic intonations, experimental music and other music styles are subtly synthesized together in one place. Adam Rudolph and Tatsuya Nakatani percussion improvisations gently fit together – each of them has its own and unique improvising style. Adam Rudolph pays more attention to rhythms, bass line, use high variety of different rhythms and rhythmic formulas of various jazz styles, European music elements. Tatsuya Nakatani music is more orientated to unusual and fascinating timbres – along with traditional percussion instruments he also use native instruments of Japan music. His improvisations are the result of marvelous synthesis of Japan and European music, filled with unusual timbres, weird sounds and colorful noises. All three musicians are improvising masterfully, creatively and free – their improvisations are based on fascinating melodies, the synthesis between different cultures, music elements and have fascinating and innovative sound.


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