David Birchall / Andrew Cheetham / Colin Webster / Otto Willberg – “Plastic Kneecap” (Raw Tonk Records, 2018)

“Plastic Kneecap” will be released on March 2, 2018 by “Raw Tonk Records”. Album was recorded by innovative and interesting jazz masters quartet – it’s David Birchall guitar), Andrew Cheetham (drums), Colin Webster (alto, baritone saxophones) and Otto Willberg (double bass). These four musicians have energetic and outstanding playing style – it’s based on avant-garde jazz elements and free improvisation. Experimental playing techniques, unusual and weird combinations of the instruments, contrasts between opposite playing techniques, sudden stylistic turns and waves, energetic and expressive playing – all these elements form the main part of their improvising styles. Along with avant-garde jazz, musicians are combining together various elements of other jazz styles – especially bebop, post-bop, hard bop, free improvisations, creative, free and other modern and avant-garde jazz styles. All musicians can organically and effectively combine together all these different jazz styles and create original sound. Thay try to express huge amount of different moods and unusual timbres – the high variety of colorful timbres and sounds effect their improvisations sound. Even though, each of them has own and independent playing style, their collective improvisations are marveloud – all the individual and independent melodies, rhythms, playing techniques, musical experiments and other elements are masterfully combined in one place. Their improvisations also have a tendency to have sharp, aggressive and turbulent sound – expressive, loud, powerful and vibrant blow outs make creative and innovative sound.

Their newest album compositions are based on main elements of musicians improvising style. Album compositions are based on collective improvisations. These improvisations have effective and expressive sound – musicians are improvising inventively and with passion. Collective improvisations are based on especially turbulent, expressive, sharp, loud and vibrant sound. The musical pattern based on free structure, spontaneous and expressive improvisations, has many lays and polyphonic facture. All the melodies, played by each musician, are independent and dynamic – each improviser use high variety of different musical expressions, playing techniques, contrasting dynamics, moods and other elements. The sound of this album is dynamic and expressive. It never stays the same – is changing, twisting to different music styles or moods. Alto and baritone saxophones improvisations are deep and vibrant. Expressive and virtuosic passages, wild fast solos, attrative and vivacious arpeggios are highly contrasting with deep, dark, slow and static tunes, abstractic and subtle episodes, powerful blow outs and other elements. Colin Webster certainly knows, how to creatively, effectively and originally combine together absolutely different episodes and create a contrasting and colorful sound. His improvisations are unpredictable, full of unexpected stylistic waves. David Birchall guitar melodies have expressive and vivid sound. Weird timbres, fascinating and energetic riffs, turbulent and spontaneous improvisations, experimental ways of playing, expressions and other musical language elements – all these elements are heard very much in his improvisations. Guitar improvisations also have rock styles intonations – it especially is heard in energetic riffs and vibrant solos, which are illustrated with loud and shrieky guitar sounds and monotonic rhythms. David Birchall improvisations are based on avant-garde jaz, but also he has a tendency to use the intonations of rock styles. Mainly, his improvisations are based on free, spontaneous and vivid avant-garde jazz and free improvising. Otto Willberg double bass improvisations also are full of different music elements. Expressive, attractive, glamorous and virtuosic solos, wild fast passages, subtle and silent episodes are gently connected together with dark, deep, deprresive and deep monotonic sounds, which form a solid bass line of the compositions. Andrew Cheetham drums improvisations are turbulent and energetic for the most of the time – loud, fast and powerful drum rolls, tremolos, trills, sudden glissando, fast and monotonic rhythms, silent and subtle episodes and other elements which always grow to the dramatic, especially turbulent and expressive collective improvisations and highly effective whole sound of the album. This album music has attractive and interesting sound – it’s based on bright and rich musical language, modern musical decisions and innovative improvising.


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