Møster | Parker | Abrams | Herndon – “RAN DO” (Clean Feed, 2017)

“Ran Do” was released in 2017 by “Clean Feed Records”. The album was recorded by four interesting and experienced avant-garde jazz masters – it’s Kjetil Moster (tenor saxophone), Jeff Parker (guitar), Joshua Abrams (double bass) and John Herdon (drums). The four musicians of this ensemble have specific and unique playing styles and manners. Each of them are experimenting in all ways of musical language – they frequently try out new and unusual playing manners, synthesize together absolutely different music styles, searche for weird timbres and special sound effects. The improvisations by this quartet are based on synthesis between avant-garde jazz and various rock and psychodelic rock styles. Expressive, moving, bright and vibrant melodies, variable and dynamic rhythmic, original and interesting playing manner, evocative musical language – all these and the other elements create the essential musical pattern. Spontaneous, energetic and furious collective improvisations with fascinating musical experiments, loud and powerful bursts of energy are based on the main elements of all musicians playing styles and manners.

The compositions of this album are also based on the most important and essential elements of avant-garde jazz. Creative and interesting improvising by each musicians is filled with expressionistic, original, emotional and passionate solos. Furious, specific and original musical experiments, energetic and wild fast passages, playful and joyful trills, glissando, pizzicato, staccato and many other traditional playing techniques and expressions are gently combined together with innovative and experimental ways of playing. The compositions of this album are based on avant-garde jazz, bebop, hard-bop, rock, psychodelic rock, avant-rick and other similar rock styles synthesis. Marvelous synthesis between all these different music styles and genres the most beautifully revealed in collective improvisations. Expressive, passionate, active, furious and sharp solos, dynamic or monotonic rhythmic and many other elements form real, powerful, loud and striking bursts of energy. Tenor saxophone melodies by Kjetil Moster has touching and striking sound. Powerful, vibrant and furious blow outs, sharp, rigorous or soft and attractive sound, wild fast passages, huge variety of different playing techniques create bright and evocative musical language. Musician improvises spontaneously and free for the most of the time. His melodies, rhythms, scales and other musical language elements are formed spontaneously and are based on synthesis between different playing techniques, scales, harmonic chords, rhythms, moods and musical expressions. His improvisations have dynamic and especially expressive sound which also makes an effort to whole album. Jeff Parker guitar improvisations are active and vibrant. Monotonic rhythmic, vibrant melodies, fascinating solos, melodic and glamorous riffs, experimental playing techniques, unusual ways of playing and free improvisations – all these elements create effective and organic sound. His improvisations switch back between free improvisations, avant-garde jazz and psychodelic rock music elements. It also brings very energetic, active and interesting sound to the improvisations. Double bass improvisations are subtle and solid. From powerful and especially virtuosic solos to subtle and silent abstract episodes or deep bass lines – many different music elements are combined together in Joshua Abrams improvisations. His improvisations gently fit together with all instruments – expressive and fascinating saxophone solos, deep and vibrant guitar or dynamic drums section. Like Kjetil Moster, Joshua Abrams improvises spontaneously and free for the most of the time and frequently use innovative and creative musical decisions. John Herdon drums section is full of different elements of various music styles. It’s the organic and masterful synthesis between avant-garde jazz, free improvisation, monotonic, loud and deep rock rhythmic and spontaneous solos. His music is full of unpredictable solos, original and unexpected stylistic turns, musical experiments and unusual sounds. All these eleemnts Joh Herdon masterfully connects together – his playing also organically and effectively is connected with all other instruments. This album music has original, active and energetic sound, which is based on bright musical language and innovative improvising.

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