SPIO (São Paulo Improvisers in Orchestra) – “Conduction BR#5” (Sê-lo!, 2017)

“Conduction BR#5” was released on December 13, 2017 by “Se-lo!” records. Album was recorded by a huge group of improvisers – “SPIO” (São Paulo Improvisers in Orchestra). All members of this ensemble are interesting, creative and talented jazz musicians – it’s Benjamim Taubikin (piano), Romulo Alexis (trumpet), Amilcar Rodrigues (trumpet), Daniel Carrera (trombone), Filipe Nader, Rafael Cab (alto sax), Richard Fermino (clarinet, flute), Martin Herraiz (guitar), Daniel Mendes (guitar), João Ciriaco (contrabass), Rafael Ramalhoso (cello), Edu Varallo (vibraphone), Jorge Amorim (bateria), Daniel Puerto Rico (percussion), Natacha Maurer (ruidos) and Guilherme Peluci (conductor). The musicians connect in their improvisations various jazz styles, free improvisations, academic avant-garde ans experimental music elements, native Brazilian music melodic and rhythmic intonations. Colorful and bright musical language, different kinds of expressions and other musical language elements, memorable and admirable solos, free and innovative musical experiments, original musical decisions are the main elements of these compositions. The music of this ensemble is vivid, energetic, rapid and contrasting – it’s always somewhere between free jazz, experimental music and academic avant-garde.

Album compositions are formed by many different music language elements and styles. The musicians try out many different playing techniques, expressions, search for new and unusual timbres, express different moods and characters. The compositions are the synthesis of unique playing styles, musical languages and unique improvising manners and sounds of each musician – all styles, playing manners, sounds and timbres are masterfully synthesized together. The compositions are based on free structure, spontaneous solos, bright and unpredictable musical language. It also has vivacious, joyful, passionate and striking melodic section and vibrant rhythmic basement. The reeds and brass section, which is contained from two trumpets, two alto saxophones, clarinet, flute and trombone, bring organic, expressive, emotional and vivid sound to these improvisations. Soft, peaceful and lengthy flute solos, expressive and vibrant clarinet melodies, emotional, rapid and sharp saxophones, deep, bright and solid trombone and loud trumpets melodies – the huge variety of different timbres, sounds, short or long melodic elements are gently combined together. After loud, turbulent and free collective improvisations there comes the episodes with more academical sound. Memorable, admirable and striking melodies, sharp and rigorous blow outs, deep and solid bass line are highly contrasting with exciting, emotional, passionate solos, wild fast passages, peaceful and abstract episodes, silent and lyric pieces which suddenly get to turbulent, dramatic and expressionistic culminations. The melodies are based on many different musical intonations – mostly it’s a wonderful synthesis between free jazz improvisations, experimental music, bebop and hard-bop and the elements of Brazilian music. Two guitars, cello and contrabass melodies are full of unpredictable and surprising musical decisions – soft pizzicato, sudden and loud glissando, wild fast arpeggio, virtuosic and masterful passages, vibrant and turbulent solos, passionate improvisations or silent, peaceful and lyric improvisations: all these and big part of other musical language elements, playing techniques, manners and styles are effectively combined in one place. Drums section also is very colorful and solid – that’s the place where’s gently fit together loud drum rolls, powerful fanfars, turbulent and virtuosic solos, wild rapid and furious passages, unusual timbres, soft and silent melodies of vibraphone, the sounds of native Brazilian instruments, gorgeous, effective and colorful percussion sounds and many other elements. All musicians of this ensemble are improvising masterfully and creatively – all compositions of this album have expressive and unpredictable sound.

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