Quin Kirchner – “The Other Side of Time” (SR, 2018)

“The Other Side of Time” was released on January 26, 2018. This album was recorded by a group of outstanding jazz masters – Quin Kirchner (drums, percussion, kalimba, sampler, wurlitzer), Nick Broste (trombone), Nate Lepine (tenor saxophone, flute), Jason Stein (bass clarinet), Matt Ulery (bass) and Ben Boye (piano). All these jazz musicians have interesting improvising style, evocative playing manner, they also use wide range of different musical expressions, playing techniques and create rich and bright musical language. The elements of various jazz styles are synthesized together in one place – the basics of avant-garde jazz, free improvisations, creative jazz, bebop, post-bop, hard-bop and other modern jazz styles are heard very clearly in these musicians improvisations. The musicians are the active members of avant-garde jazz scene – they are playing and improvising in various jazz festivals along with other famous and innovative jazz masters. Modern musical language, evocative and outstanding improvising, powerful and wild furious bursts of energy are the main elements of this ensemble compositions.

This album compositions have original and dynamic sound. Evocative solos, spontaneous and furious improvisations, sharp, active, rigorous or very soft and calm sound, wide range of timbres, sounds, noises and moods, rich musical language – all these things form the basics of these improvisations. The musicians try out many different playing techniques – from such very well-known playing techniques like glissando, arpeggio, trills, drum rolls, passages and the others to the innovative methods of playing, free, sharp, aggressive and furious blow outs and other effective instrumentation decisions. Musicians don’t avoid to experiment in all ways of musical language – they always search for new timbres, noises, unusual and colorful sounds and fuse together different jazz styles. Organic synthesis between all styles of experimental, modern and traditional jazz make an effort to unpredictable and interesting sound of this album. These compositions sound is always changing – from turbulent free improvisations it gets to furious and creative musical experiments, memorable and vivacious melodies of reeds, wild fast bebop solos, static and relaxing  traditional jazz improvisations with monotonic rhythmic, or turns out to be more similar to cool, fusion or other contemporary jazz styles. This music is very organic and interesting – the marvelous synthesis of styles is splendidly made by evocative and experienced improvisers. Compositions have independent and bright rhythmic pattern, vivacious, striking and memorable melodies and colorful background. Soft and length flutes improvisations, vivacious, expressive and emotional saxophones and bass clarinets melodies, bright, deep and solid trombone solos, subtle and vibrant bass solos, vivid and dynamic piano – all these instruments improvisations highly differ from each other and form deep, passionate and bright melodic basic of these compositions. Furious and wild fast solos suddenly turn out to very soft, peaceful and relaxing episodes, abstract pieces with special sound effects, electronic devices sounds and other musical language elements. The rhythmic section is independent and interesting. All kinds and types of rhythms which are the main elements of various jazz styles, are masterfully combined together. Monotonic and static, vivacious, vivid, striking and active, swing elements and many other basic rhythmic formulas are fused together in these compositions. Rhythmic makes an effort to whole sound – it effects the character, mood and other main elements of the compositions. Interesting and evocative improvising leads to evocative, effective and dynamic sound.

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