Andrew Raffo Dewar / Anne LeBaron / Andrea Centazzo – “Encantamientos” (pfMENTUM, 2017)

“Encantamientos” was released by “pfMENTUM” records in 2017. This album was recorded by Anne LeBaron (acoustic and electric harps), Andrea Centazzo (percussion, electronics) and Andrew Raffo Dewar (soprano saxophone). The music played by these musicians. is based on experimental jazz and academic avant-garde synthesis. Free structure and form of the compositions, expressive and spontaneous solos, inventive and shocking instrumentation decisions, brave, modern and creative musical experiments – all these elements contain the essential basic of these musicians improvisations. Musicians are experienced and talented improvisers – their music always has interesting and modern sound. Unusual stylistic waves and turns, colorful and solid rhythmic, melodic and harmonic backgrounds are highly different from each other. Andrew Raffo Dewar isn’t just an improviser – he’s also is ethnomusicologist, composer and woodwind instrumentalist. He had collaborated many times with various musicians and composers – Steve Lacy, Bill Dixon, Anthony Braxton and many others. Anne LeBaron compositions are based on many different music styles – electronic music, academic avant-garde, experimental music, free improvisations, avant-garde jazz and various other music styles and genres, playing and composing techniques are combined in one place. Andrea Centazzo since the beginning of his musical career, played with many famous avant-garde jazz musicians – Don Cherry, John Zorn, Evan Parker, Fred Frith and many others.

This album compositions are based on various music styles. Free collective improvisations by three outstanding and creative musicians are full of unpredictable stylistic waves, different moods and characters, wide range of composing and playing techniques and many other elements of musical language. In the most part of the compositions, this music is based on synthesis between avant-garde jazz, free improvisation and contemporary academic music. Various elements of experimental music, academic avant-garde and various modern music composing techniques also are heard very much in these compositions. These compositions have bright, adventurous and fascinating musical language which is contained of many different elements. Soprano saxophone melodies are very interesting and expressive. Energetic and vivacious solos, wild fast arpeggios, vibrant and solid trills, pasages and other virtuosic elements, loud and powerful blow outs, active, rapid and memorable melodic elements are the basics of saxophonist improvisations. Saxophonist also try out many different playing techniques – traditional playing techniques and expressions like rubato, agitato, staccato and others, are masterfully combined together with innovative and shocking ways of playing. Anne LeBaron harps improvisations highly differ from saxophone. Her improvisations are active, dynamic, based on various academical music composing techniques which are the opposites to each other. The compositions have very interesting and gorgeous harmony – tonal and atonal music elements are combined in one place. Loud, rapid, active and intense solos are mixed together with soft, subtle, silent and abstract episodes. Harpist masterfully combined together abstract and short melodic elements with memorable, active and repetitive melodies. The elements of minimalism, experimental music, electronic music, free improvisation are gently fused together with avant-garde jazz. Andrea Centazzo percussion and electronics also marvelously fit together. Unusual, gorgeous and strange percussion sounds are masterfully and effectively mixed together with various electronic music elements – special effects, tape recordings, sonic system experiments and other elements. Individual, independent and interesting improvisations which highly differ from each other, masterfully, naturally and organically combine together in one place. Expressive, dynamic and adventurous improvising, original and rich musical language bring outstanding and effective sound of these improvisations.

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