Gordon Kampe, Ensemble Musikfabrik – “Arien/Zitronen” (col legno Music gmbh, 2017)

“Arien/Zitronen” was released in 2017 by “col legno Music gmbh” records company. The compositions by German composer Gordon Kampe were masterfully recorded in this album – “Ensemble Musikfabrik“, “Ensemble I.C.E.Q“, “Stuttgart Radio Symphony Orchestra”, “SWR Vokalensemble”, “Ensemble ascolta” and Sarah Maria Sun (soprano). Gordon Kampe music is based on interesting and original musical language. Rich, evocative and adventurous synthesis of many different musical expressions, rhythms, playing techniques and other elements are heard in most part of his compositions. Composer masterfully combines together vocal, acoustic instruments and their timbres, make original and inventive musical decisions to create extraordinary and expressive sound. His music is based on various modern music styles – the main elements and tendencies of contemporary academic avant-garde are heard very clearly and brightly in his compositions. Academic avant-garde, experimental music, choir music basics, expresionism, neoklasicism, post-romantism and other various styles of modern 20th century music are combined together. Serialism, dodecaphony, tonal and atonal music, puantilism, sonoristic music, electronic music composing methods and innovative his own composing techniques form the original and bright composing style. Gordon Kampe not avoids the musical experiments – he likes to make unusual and shocking musical decisions in all ways of musical language, especially – in instrumentation. Unusual timbres, specific ways of playing, extended and innovative playing techniques and gorgeous instrumentation are very important elements of his compositions. He writes music for symphony orchestras, choirs, chamber ensembles, quartets, quintets, compositions for solo performers, electronic music compositions and many other genres music. 

This album compositions are dedicated for chamber ensembles and symphony orchestras. “Arien/Zitronen (2016)“, “knapp”, “Drei Stücke für Orchester“, “Zwerge”, “Le cœur de la Grenoüille” and “Moritaten und Sentimentales” all these compositions are highly different from each other. Original, interesting and evocative musical language, dynamic rhythmic, inventive and innovative orchestration decisions, expressive and active sound – all these elements are heard in all these compositions. All the compositions have expressive, aggressive, emotional and passionate sound. The musical pattern is formed by polyphonic structure, contrastic episodes which are putted together one against other, independent and individual melodies of each instrument, sharp and dissonance harmony, constantly changing rhythmic, many different moods, sudden stylistic waves and turns. All these elements are masterfully combined together and form rich and evocative musical pattern. The professional and creative orchestration make a very high effort to all the compositions sound – extended playing techniques, individual melodies of each instrument or instruments group, unusual and specific sounds, special effects, inventive and shocking musical decisions bring live and energy to the compositions. Soft and peaceful flutes solos, expressive and vivacious reeds, bright, loud and sharp brass section, dynamic and very active rhythmic, unusual combinations of instruments, dramatic and vibrant sound of violins, soft and subtle cellos and very expressive and passionate choir episodes – all these elements gently fit together in one place. Composer masterfully mix together all these very different and contrasting episodes which are the opposites to each other. All this music is based on contrasts – after soft, restful and silent instruments solos, calm choir episodes there suddenly comes loud, powerful and intense all orchestra tutti which have especially expressive and energetic sound. Sudden stylistic waves, different playing manners, styles and techniques, sharp harmony, shocking and fascinating musical decisions bring creative and modern sound to these compositions. The music is based on academic avant-garde, experimental music styles, also has many elements of expressionism, post-impressionism and other elements of modern music styles. Vital, vivacious and evocative musical language, marvelous orchestration, original and unique composing style of the composer create original and innovative sound of the compositions.





























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