Cristoph Erb / Jim Baker / Frank Rosaly – “…Don’t Buy Him A Parrot” (HAT HUT, 2017)

…don't buy him a parrot…

“…Don’t Buy Him A Parrot” was released in 2017 by “HAT HUT” label. Interesting and modern sound avant-garde jazz album was recorded by three experienced jazz masters – Christoph Erb (tenor saxophone, bass clarinet), Jim Baker (piano) and Frank Rosaly (drums). These three jazz musicians have unique playing manner and always create innovative and gorgeous sound. Their music is based on avant-garde jazz, experimental and creative jazz synthesis with modern jazz styles – especially bebop, hard-bop and post-bop. Expressive, inventive, very energetic and spontaneous solos, dynamic rhythmic, sharp, loud and turbulent sound – all these elements are heard very much in their improvisations. Each of them had formed and masterfully improved their own and unique playing manner, interesting sound and adventurous musical language through the years of creative activity. All three musicians are improvising together as a trio, and also with other famous jazz musicians. They are active and experienced jazz musicians which had been collaborating with Fred Lonberg-Holm, Michael Zerang, Jason Roebke, Tomeka Reid, Nate Wooley, Jamie Branch, Paul Lovens and many others.

These album compositions are based on free improvisation. Musicians try to create and extract new and unusual timbres, expand from the zone of traditional sound. Free. spontaneous, wild fast, furious and turbulent or very silent and calm – this album improvisations are always somewhere between different and contrasting moods, characters, playing techniques and other contrasts of musical language elements. Expressive, turbulent, sharp, active and energetic tenor saxophone and bass clarinet melodies bring more live and energy to the compositions. Christoph Erb is using many different and innovative methods of playing – little part of very well-known and traditional saxophone playing techniques are gently combined together with innovative, shocking and fascinating ways of playing. His improvisations are based on free structure and form, spontaneous solos, special sound effects and high variety of different timbres, unusual sounds and strange tones. Jim Baker piano melodies are based on  free-jazz and bebop synthesis. Wild fast, extremely energetic and furious melodies are illustrated by very sharp, loud, aggressive dissonance harmony. Expressive, very active, speedy and dynamic piano solos gently fits together with saxophone and clarinet improvisations which also are very energetic for the most of the time. Frank Rosaly drums and percussion solos are very colorful and active, filled with different rhythmic formulas, interesting and fascinating playing techniques, free and wild fast solos, unusual and gorgeous timbres. Wild fast, extremely loud and energetic drum rolls are gently connected together with subtle and silent episodes. His improvisations also form solid and interesting background. Three musicians improvisations are always changing – it never stays the same. After very active, turbulent, free and wild furious collective improvisations there suddenly comes subtle, peaceful and silent episodes, which have soft harmony, consonance chords, restful reeds melodies and static rhythmic. All these episodes are different and highly contrasting with each other, they are masterfully connected in one composition. Rich and adventurous musical language, sharp, turbulent and expressive improvising, innovative playing techniques create original and interesting sound of this album.

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