John Wall /Mark Sanders /John Edwards – “FGBH” (SR, 2017)

“FGBH” was released in June, 2017. This interesting and extraordinary avant-garde jazz album was recorded by three jazz improvisers – John Edwards (double bass), Mark Sanders (drums, percussion) and John Wall (laptop). The compositions by these three musicians are based on extraordinary and adventurous musical language – avant-garde jazz elements are gently synthesized together with electronic music. Musicians have own and unique musical language, expressive and extraordinary playing style. In this album, they try to search and extract unusual timbres, expand from the traditional sound zone and create adventurous and evocative music. All three musicians like to experiment – they make very strange, shocking, stunning and spontaneous musical decisions. All their music has bright and gorgeous musical language, which is also very rich and intense. Various kinds and types of expressions, different feelings, moods and characters are expressed here. Musicians are concerting and collaborating all the time – they had been playing in various avant-garde jazz festivals, had tours and concerts at various Europe countries and America.  Peter Green, Jeff Rich, Roscoe Mitchell, Wadada Leo Smith, Derek Bailey, Henry Grimes, Roswell Rudd, Peter Brotzmann, Barry Guy – these names of famous jazz legends are just a part of musicians with who these three jazz masters had been playing.

Album compositions are based on avant-garde jazz and electronic music synthesis. Musicians use many different playing techniques, expressions, dynamics and other musical language elements to create original and extraordinary sound. These compositions are constructed from many contrasting pieces which highly differ from each other. Expressive and dynamic drums and double bass solos, loud and expressive melodies, organic synthesis between acoustic and electronic sounds – all these elements are the main elements of these compositions. Musicians try out many different playing techniques – they mix together traditional, innovative and unusual methods of playing. High variety of different playing techniques is masterfully and effectively mixed with various musical expressions, dynamics and other elements of musical language. These compositions are short, have interesting and evocative sound. Masterful, expressive and creative playing, unique sound and specific improvising manner are heard in all three musicians improvisations. By using many musical expressions and playing techniques, musicians create original and extraordinary sound – they also expand the technical abilities of their instruments. This music is somewhere between avant-garde jazz, academic avant-garde, experimental and electronic music.The elements of these absolutely different music styles are masterfully combined together in one place. Unusual and strange sounds of acoustic instruments and electronic music tones are organically mixed together and form a solid and gorgeous background. Creative, evocative and bright musical language, inventive improvising bring original and interesting sound to these improvisations.

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