Max E.Keller/ Sheldon Suter/ Marco von Oreilli – “Blow, Strike and Touch” (outhere music, HATOLOGY 732, 2017)

Blow, Strike & Touch

“Blow, Strike and Touch” was released this year by “outhere music” recordings company. This interesting and outstanding avant-garde jazz album was recorded by three avant-garde jazz experimenters – Max. E. Keller (piano), Marco von Orelli (trumpet) and Sheldon Suter (drums). These three improvisers have original and interesting playing manner and unique sound. The music is always full of unpredictable and interesting stylistic waves, sudden turns of playing manners and styles, innovative playing techniques and different musical expressions. Evocative, very energetic, active and intense sound is the main element of their improvisations. Musicians are active members of avant-garde jazz scene – they are collaborating with other famous and interesting avant-garde jazz improvisers all the time. Max E. Keller is Swiss composer, improviser and jazz pianist. He plays avant-garde jazz, also composes contemporary classical music and academic avant-garde compositions. His music is based on synthesis between avant-garde jazz, free-jazz, creative jazz and contemporary academical music, electronic and experimental music  elements. Sheldon Suter is avant-garde jazz drummer. His compositions are always very energetic, full of active, loud and intense drum rolls, tremolos and furious wild fast solos. Marco von Oreilli is a Swiss trumpet player. He had been playing with such ensembles and jazz improvisers as “Circus Monti”, Daniel Ott, Jan Schelegel, Christoph Baumann and many others.

This album compositions have expressive and evocative sound. Avant-garde jazz, contemporary academical music elements, free jazz, creative jazz and contemporary avant-garde jazz and contemporary academical music styles are synthesized together gently and smoothly. The compositions are based on very expressive, loud and vivacious trumpet solos, furious and wild fast piano melodies, sharp and aggressive harmony, dynamic and very active rhythmic. All these elements are heard very much in all compositions. As it was said earlier, trumpet melodies are very active and have original and expressive sound. Marco von Oreilli melodies have extravagant, interesting and evocative sound. Powerful, extremely loud and intense blasts, wild fast solos, furious and aggressive timbres and unusual sounds, passionate and emotional playing – these elements form the main basic of trumpeter improvisations. He improvises free, spontaneously and innovative – these improvisations bring to the compositions more energy, life and especially vivacious and interesting sound. Max Keller piano melodies are also extremely energetic and have a synthesis with contemporary academical music, especially in harmonic section. Very sharp, rigorous and masterful played melodies are illustrated with dissonance, sharp and rigorous harmony chords which are effecting the whole sound of the compositions very much. Pianist try many different playing techniques, expressions and moods – he express many different emotions, moods and characters by using different methods and ways of playing. Sheldon Suter drums get along fine with trumpet and piano. It’s very energetic and evocative – compositions have very bright, solid, intense and extremely active drum section. All musicians masterfully try out many different methods, extended techniques and innovative ways of playing. This music for the most of the time is energetic, bright, active, created by spontaneous and inventive musical decisions. Vivacious, versatile and intensive solos, which have bright and gorgeous sound are combined with more calm, peaceful and soft episodes which are also heard in this album. Bright, adventurous and dynamic musical language, outstanding improvising create innovative and gorgeous sound of these compositions.

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