Vinny Golia – “Syncquistic Linear Explorations and their Geopolitical Outcomes (​.​.​.​we are all still here)” (SR, 2017)

“Syncquistic Linear Explorations and their Geopolitical Outcomes (​.​.​.​we are all still here)” album recorded by saxophonist Vinny Golia and released on September 5. The album has fascinating and interesting sound, is full of inventive and strange musical languages elements. Vinny Golia (Soprillo, Sopranino, Bb & G Soprano,Bass & Baritone Saxophones, Bass Clarinet, Kwala, Gongs & Kayzee), Steve Adams ( Alto & Sopranino Saxophones), Ken Filiano (Acoustic Bass & Pedals) and Tina Raymond (drums). These four interesting and experienced avant-garde jazz improvisers had been improvising together many times before. Their improvisations are always full of different playing manners, interesting and strange sounds, extraordinary stylistic combinations and fascinating musical decisions. Each of them has original and interesting playing manner, likes to experiment in all musical language elements and search for new and unheard timbres. Improvisations also are full of unusual instruments which are masterfully combined together with numerous of different musical expressions and styles.

Album compositions have original and interesting sound. All compositions are based on avant-garde jazz, bebop, hard-bop and some of traditional jazz styles elements synthesis and collective improvisations. Fascinating and energetic solos, full of wild fast arpeggios, unusual timbres, separate strange noises and numerous of different playing manners and musical expressions – all these elements contain the main basic of these compositions. The musicians try out many different playing techniques to extract new and extraordinary sound. Innovative and interesting ways of playing are gently and softly combined with traiditional playing techniques such as vibrato, pizzicato, arpeggio and others. The main figure of these improvisations is multiinstrumentalist Vinny Golia. His improvisations are full of colorful and gorgeous timbres, interesting sounds, unusual instruments combinations and unpredictable stylistic waves. After dynamic, dramatic and especially expressive solos there suddenly comes lyrical, nostalgic and peaceful episodes like in a composition “Onion of Mystery” and others. These extravagant and interesting stylistic changes of Vinny Golia improvising bring dynamic, interesting and gorgeous sound to the album. Saxophonist Steve Adams improvisations are a bit different from Vinny Golia – it’s full of gorgeous and strange timbres, original and fascinating musical decisions, also is very energetic and active. The duets between these two saxophonists are very interesting – both of them are showing their abilities of masterful and creative improvising which is based on spontaneous and sudden musical decisions. Ken Filliano bass melodies create a solid rhythmic basic of the improvisations. Various kinds and types of rhythmic forumulas are used in his improvisations. He masterfully combined various different rhythmic formulas, vibrant turbulescent solos, wild fast arpeggios and lyrical episodes. His improvising bring to the compositions some elements pf academic avant-garde and experimental music. Tina Raymond drums improvisations are full of different and unpredictable stylistic and rhythmic changes – improviser masterfully try out many different playing techniques, gently and effectively combines together very fast, dynamic and loud rhythmic with subtle, soft and monotonic. The sudden and unpredictable changes of various musical language elements are highly effecting the main compositions sound – makes it more colorful, full of gorgeous and fabulous timbres, interesting and inventive musical decisions. Original and bright musical language, interesting and creative improvising create fascinating and outstanding sound of this album.


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