Gerrit Hatcher/ Eli Namay/ Bill Harris – “Devouring the Guilt” (Amalgam, 2017)

:Devouring The Guilt” is a new avant-garde jazz album which was released by “Amalgam” on November 15. Album was recorded by three avant-garde jazz masters – Gerrit Hatcher (tenor saxophone), Eli Namay (upright and electric bass) and Bill Harris (drums). Original improvising style, inventive musical decisions, striking, vivide and vivacious sound, dynamic and unpredictable stylistic waves are the main elements of these three musicians improvisations. They had been improvising together for a long time. Individual and expressive playing, unique manner and different sound by each musician improvisations are organically and masterfully twisted together in one composition. The most part of musical decisions are made spontaneously, musicians also always try out new and unheard playing techniques and are creating extraordinary sound.

Album compositions are based on avant-garde jazz elements. Expressive and emotional solos full of dramatic and wild fast arpeggios, powerful saxophone blow outs, subtle and peaceful episodes without melodic basement, dynamic and constantly changing rhythmic and spontaneous musical decisions – these elements are the main part of collective improvisations. Album compositions have original and interesting musical pattern which is formed by melodical and rhythmical basement and colorful background. There are compositions which have very colorful, expressive and bright melodies, memorable and spontaneous solos, very fast and monotonic rhythmic. Tenor saxophone improvisations make a high effort to this type compositions. Saxophonist Gerrit Hatcher playing is full of various musical expressions, playing techniques and unpredictable musical decisions which are masterfully twisted together. Very dynamic, active and vivid solos turn out to silent and lyrical pieces, powerful and intense blow outs or very sharp and vibrant improvisations. His playing is always unpredictable and very dynamic. He twists together qabsolutely different music styles, playing techniques and expressions. Gerrit Hatcher improvisations are heard very much in all improvisations and bring here original, vivacious and very sharp sound. Eli Namay bass improvisations are more sutble and calmer than active and contrasting saxophone melodies. Bass improvisations bring electronic music sounds, unusual timbres and some intonations of rock music to the compositions. Eli Namay playing is also very contrasting and actove – subtle and organic synthesis of various musical elements, masterful virtuosity, wide range of different rhythms and bright musical language help to form a solid and intense rhythmic basement. Saxophone improvisations form a solid and strong melodic basic, drums and bass – rhythmic and harmonic. Bill Harris drums improvisations are based on musical experiments, unusual sounds searching, wide range of different ways of playing and rhythmic formulas. He inventively and creatively try out new ways of playing and twist together monotonic and dynamic, slow and wild fast, sharp and soft and numerous of other kinds of rhythmic and its sounds. Inventive, vivid and interesting improvising reveal and demonstrate unique sound of each musician. Independent and vivacious improvising, interesting and striking musical language and marvelous playing by all trio musicians create outstanding sound of this album.

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