Kyle Motl Trio w/ Kjell Nordeson & Tobin Chodos – “Panjandrums” (2017)

“Panjandrums” is one of the newest avant-garde jazz album released on November 6. The album was recorded by great jazz masters Kjell Nordeson (drums, percussion), Tobin Chodos (piano) and Kyle Moti (bass). These three musicians had been colaborating for several years now. They have original and interesting playing style – Kyle Moti bass improvisations are usually based on extended playing techniques using, expanding from traditional sound, special effects and wide range of musical expressions. Tobin Chodos and Kjell Nordeson also have very inventive and unique sound – their improvisations are full of different music styles, gently and organically combined together in one composition. The musicians had formed unique sound, their own playing manner and are the masters of creative, gorgeous and outstanding improvising.

Album compositions are based on collective improvisations. The music has very bright, adeventurous and colorful sound. Avant-garde jazz, bebop, post-bop and even some elements of cool, various traidiotnal jazz styles and blues are heard in these compositions. The musicians masterfully combine all these elements and create original and dynamic sound. Album doesn’t have one leading music style – it’s always somewhere between free, expressive and dynamic collective improvisations and bebop, cool, other modern and traditional jazz styles. Wild fast solos, sharp harmony, energetic and powerful riffs, active drum rolls, virtuosic piano melodies, subtle bass improvisations are the most important elements of these compositions. All these elements are suddenly twisted together with calm, relaxing and peaceful solos, lyrical and slow improvisations, static and monotonic rhythmic and soft harmony – it brings the compositions the sound which is very similar to modern and traditional jazz styles. The musicians try out many different playing techniques and musical expressions. Bassist Kyle Moti improvisations reveal his own and unique playing style. His improvisations are based on free musical experiments, special and innovative ways of playing which leads to high variety of unusual timbres and weird sounds. Bass improvisations mostly based on short and separate episodes which don’t have a melodies or melodic elements. The musical pattern of his improvisations is based on strange noises, short melodic elements, which are not connected with each other. Original playing style and inventive playing of Kyle Moti make his improvisations to sound gorgeous, interesting and dynamic. Pianist Tobin Chodos improvisations have many elements of modern jazz styles – bebop, post-bop and cool jazz elements. His improvisations are highly contrasting with Kjell Nordeson drums and Kyle Moti bass because of its style and playing manner. Wild fast solos, sharp or very soft harmony, expressive and vivacious melodies bring interesting and colorful sound to the compositions. Kjell Nordeson drums are full of interesting stylistic waves, rhythms changes and weird timbres. He try out numerous of different playing techniques and innovative ways of playing. Expressive, loud and active drum rolls are connected with more static, softer and calm episodes and other moods. All three musicians have an incredible ability to connect together very different music styles, expressions and moods. They also masterfully combine their own and unique playing styles in a innovative and different way. Music is always changing and full of sudden stylistic waves, high variety of musical expressions, extended and innovative playing techniques. All these elements and increadible improvising make adventurous and bright sound of the album compositions.


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